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5 Apps That Help Small-Business Owners Thrive

Starting a new business can be hectic. These five apps will help you cut down on the noise and focus on what you need to do, when you need to do it. 

1. Sunrise
There's a lot to keep track of when you're starting a new business. Scheduling meetings, ordering business cards, figuring out finances: It's a busy time. The Sunrise calendar app can take all of that busyness and make it a little less chaotic – and a lot more beautiful. This app can be used to display tasks from Exchange, iCloud, and Google Calendar. It's simple and easy to use, and can sync with other apps on your phone to put everything in one place. You can also use it to stay on top of your downtime and track TV shows and sports teams. It even includes weather icons, so everything you need to know for the day is all on one screen. 

​2. Evernote
If you've ever thought, "I should have written that down," or, "Where did that piece of scrap paper go?" Evernote might just change your life. This app is basically a notebook you can access with any device that can get online. This means that if you jot a note down on your tablet, it's going to be on your laptop when you need it later. If you're away from your desktop and you need to remember a quick statistic, you can whip out your phone and find it there. You can also access your Evernote account through your browser, so you can reach your notes even if all you've got is your grandparent's dial-up. 

3. Square
If you're selling something in person, you don't want to have to make a firm but welcoming "Cash only!" sign to hang from your counter. Square is the go-to app for businesses looking to easily accept credit cards, but it actually offers a lot more than that. Square has a customizable point-of-sale system that can suit all sorts of businesses, and it offers analytics and feedback. You can even use Square to schedule appointments with customers and keep track of inventory. 

​4. HootSuite
​Keeping track of social media can get overwhelming very quickly. Posting regular content can be a daunting task, especially for a busy person with lots of important things to do. Even though no one wants to abandon their business's Facebook or Twitter pages, these sites often fall to the wayside in the thick of getting everything done. HootSuite can keep you sane. This app lets you post to all of your social media profiles from one place, add other authorized posters and see insights on how your web posts are doing. As a great time-saving bonus, HootSuite also allows you to schedule posts, which means you can set aside a time once a week and plan everything that's going to go online. Of course, you'll still need to check sites to engage with customers as they reach out: That's why HootSuite lets you set up feeds to see every comment, share and message.

5. LogMeIn Pro
Working at home, on the bus or in a coffee shop is the nature of starting a new business. LogMeIn lets you access your computer from anywhere, so you're equipped no matter where you are. It also allows for easy file transfers, granting access to other users and printing to nearby printers from the remote computer. If you use this app, your working experience can be the same no matter where you are, which will make it easier to dive in and keep your routine going. 

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