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6 Fun Ways to Use Address Labels

You're probably already well-aware of how useful address labels can be when it comes to your business (and personal) correspondence. After all, there are few things more tedious than filling out hundreds of envelopes with handwritten return addresses. Not only is it boring as all get out, it's also a sure way to end up with a serious hand cramp. Personalized labels solve this problem, but did you know there are other fun ways to use these customized stickers? Here are six ideas to get you started:

1. Product Labels
Despite their name, address labels don't have to have an address on them at all. If you sell any kind of handmade items, address labels are the perfect way to create a quick, inexpensive label you can add to the final product. For example, a well-designed label attached to a homemade jar of jam is reminds your customers to come back for more. Every time they use their jam, they'll see your company's name and, if applicable, website or address. This way they know how to reach you once their jar starts to look empty.

2. Gift Tags
With the holidays fast approaching, gift shopping is on everyone's mind. Once you've picked up presents for the people in your life, you need a handy way to label each gift for the correct recipient. Sure, there are "To/From" stickers out there, but why not have custom stickers made? If you have an artistic streak, you can even include your very own art or illustrations on the tag. This way your gift has a little extra flair that's unique to you.

3. Organization
If you spend your time at home or in the office thinking or saying the phrase, "I know it's around here somewhere," you should probably consider getting organized. Address labels might be just the thing to take your stuff from "somewhere" to "in its place." Get labels printed with a fun design, but without any text, and you can use them to indicate what goes in any given drawer or shelf. Simply use a marker to include the appropriate information ("Pens," "Mail," etc.) and stick it somewhere easy to see. This way you're never left wondering where something ought to go.

4. Candy Wrappers
If you're hosting any kind of party or event where you're handing out a wrapped sweet treat, you can use an address label to give that extra touch. Print the labels with a message relating to the event. For example, if you're throwing a fundraising event for a charity, the labels might say, "Thank you for your contribution!" or something similar. Then you can attach the labels to the wrapper, giving attendees a little reminder that you're willing to go the extra mile.

5. Quick Address Book Addition
Keep a sheet of address labels with you in your briefcase or wallet, so you can quickly share your information with anyone who has an address book. Simply place a return label over the slot for a new person, and voila! They have your contact info, no writing required. Make sure you ask before you do this, however – some people are particular about how their things look, and would prefer that you wrote it down by hand.

6. Wedding Favors
Any soon-to-be newlyweds out there wondering how they should decorate their favors should consider adding an address label to the packaging. This serves a dual purpose – one, it gives you the chance to show your individual taste and style on the favors themselves. Two, it gives your guests an easy way to save your new address. Many couples have a new address shortly (if not immediately) after getting married. If this is the case, guests won't have to wonder how they can reach you in the future.

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    Ruelle Smith
    December 19, 2015 at 9:23 am

    I have tried using address labels as a candy wrapper and my visitors loved it! They say it is very unique!

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