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Back to Basics – 9 Must Have Supplies for Your Office

Back to Basics – 9 Must Have Supplies for Your OfficeHave you recently moved into a new office? Or maybe you’ve finally made the big move from your basement to an office! Wherever you’re at, now is as good a time to ever to make sure you are fully stocked up on supplies for the year ahead. Check out these 9 essentials supplies that no business should be without:

1. Desk Supplies
Start with the basics – the supplies that, in larger offices, were always readily available that you took for granted. Think back to your cubicle at that corporate job you had – what was in your office supply caddy? Pens, pencils, tape, white out, scissors, highlighters, small trash can and/or recycle bin, etc. These supplies are what will help you with your day-to-day business.

2. Technology
Trust me – as “handy” as a smartphone is, it is not efficient at running a business. Invest in a laptop or desktop computer – the investment will be worth it. If the timing is right, there will be some great deals on computers on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and right before the school year starts. Also, speaking from experience, get dual monitors. But be warned – once you start working with two monitors, it will be almost impossible to go back to one again. 🙂 Also, a lot of software that you’ll need for your growing business will only be able to be properly run on a laptop or desktop. And don’t forget a printer (even in the digital age – still ALWAYS handy) and a wireless internet router.

3. Software
Speaking of software, you will need to research which programs you’ll need for your type of business. Consider the operational functions of your business, such as tracking payments or invoices, scheduling appointments, maintaining a website or blog, or even doing your taxes.

4. Paper
Now that you have more writing utensils than you could have ever imagined, you’ll need something to write on. Make sure to stock up on memo pads, post-it notes, notebooks and especially paper for your printer. Consider buying several different sizes of printer paper – you never know what kinds of documents you’ll be printing. And while we’re on the subject, don’t forget about ink!

Post-it Notes from 123Print

5. Organization Supplies
Remember, organized desk = organized life. Stock up on essentials like staplers, staples, paper clips and binder clips to keep your papers from looking like a tornado massacred your desk. (I may or may not be speaking from previous experience). Don’t forget about gathering some high-quality folders to categorize your projects by name, date, or whatever your system may be.

6. Furniture
Start with the foundation – a desk and a chair. Then build from there. What else do you need? Filing cabinets? Additional drawers? You will definitely need some sort of storage. If you are planning on having clients visit the office, you should also purchase a couch or some comfortable chairs for your waiting area.

7. Stationery
You will need something to send mail in. Stock up on all different kinds of envelopes. (Regular #10 business envelopes, both with and without windows; shipping envelopes; first class mail envelopes; etc.) Don’t forget a few rolls of return address labels or an address stamp. And lots and lots of postage!

Envelopes from 123Print

8. Planning Supplies
Going back to your smartphone, even though you probably use it to schedule personal events, having a visible calendar/planner in your office will help you to remember important dates and appointments.

9. Hanging Supplies
Last but not least, you’ll need supplies for hanging up certifications, artwork, schedules, calendars, funny ecards, etc. Don’t be shy with gathering a large nest of thumbtacks and pushpins.

Anything else we’re forgetting? Don’t be afraid to call us out! Leave a comment below, or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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