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Collaboration and project management tools for small business teams


Sharing files, communicating with your co-workers, checking on progress or just telling jokes to make the day a little brighter: These are all parts of the modern office. Brainstorming with team members who might be working from home or sending files to everyone at once can be easy with the right tools. From project management to collaboration, creating a seamless team dynamic can help get the job done well. Here are apps to get you started:

Project-management tools can help small businesses stay organized and collaborate effectively. Free

Move through the brainstorming to realization phase seamlessly with The software allows teams to log ideas and thoughts, break them down into next steps, act and reflect – all with a sophisticated and appealing UI. No matter what you’re workshopping, be it a business plan or product, will take you through the process in a way that leads to better, more achievable outcomes.

This tool comes with templates for a number of project types so you don’t have to brainstorm without support. is also ideal for task management and project planning.

Price is free to use.


Need a place to safely store files and collaborate with peers? Witkit is designed with communication, brainstorming, storage and management in mind. The platform offers end-to-end encryption so you never have to worry about the safety of your company’s confidential information.

With access available on multiple platforms, including mobile and web, your team can stay connected, whether they’re on the go or in the office.

Witkit offers a free trial, but for more in-depth pricing and packages designed for your business, contact the company.

Producteev: Free

Comprehensive project management allows your team to stay on top of deadlines, communicate updates and ideas, and know what’s happening across the company. Producteev

“Comprehensive project management allows your team to stay on top of deadlines”

makes project management a breeze, with shared to-do lists, intuitive labeling and assigning systems, and messaging. You can even set deadlines, add subtasks and have different employees follow projects they’re working on. Sort through all of your tasks using different filters, such as late or upcoming deadlines.

Producteev provides control across numerous platforms, including iOS, Android and desktop.

Producteev offers a free account with unlimited users, projects and tasks. It has all of the features that make the tool a must-have for project management. However, for customization and personalized, 24-hour support, companies can purchase the Pro subscription for $99 a month.


This team-centric messaging tool allows you to connect with everyone in your company. Users can instantly message each other individually or reach out to everyone involved in a project. Channels for specific assignments or teams connect users, giving them space to plan and brainstorm.

The tool can be accessed online or via mobile devices, and users can set alerts so they never miss important information. Just turn on Slack notifications so you can see what your colleagues are up to even when your app or browser isn’t open.

Slack also allows you to connect with other online tools you already use, such as Twitter, Dropbox, Google Drive and Mailchimp, among others. And it’s not just about chatting at the office; Slack allows you to share files, whether they’re design documents or images. Simply drag and drop them into the conversation.

Slack’s free version has limited storage and capabilities, so if your company needs a little extra, check out the paid subscriptions. These range in price from $6.67 per user per month to $32 per user per month.

Project management and collaboration tools save your team time and energy. Try one (or all) of these apps to get the ideation train rolling.

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