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Go Back to the Basics: Actually Write a Note!

Pen In HandWhen was the last time you received a handwritten note from a friend, family member or business associate? For some, you might realize it’s been years! If for no other reason, you should consider sending a handwritten note of your own.

I speak from experience because my husband and I often exchange love letters. I know, I know. That sounds really sappy, and maybe it is. But we both enjoy it. I talk a lot and my husband’s pretty quiet, so writing letters lets us both say what we really mean without interruptions. Plus, reading — and re-reading — those letters is a real joy. Some day, when one or both of us are gone, they will be a treasure that a text message or email inbox could never replace.

So why should you write a personal note or letter? Here are five good reasons:

Get Noticed — With “junk mail” and bills being the majority of what people find in their mailboxes, a hand-addressed envelope and a handwritten letter will stand out in the pile of mail and get opened right away.

Be Remembered — By writing a personal note, you are creating a keepsake. Yes, you could say the same things in an email, but printing out an email doesn’t hold the same emotional value as a handwritten note.

Create an Emotional Impact — Because the recipient knows that you took the time to handwrite the note, it is instantly more personal. The thoughts and feelings you express in writing have more impact because they seem more heartfelt.

123Print Customized New Directions Large Memo Pad

Customized 123Print New Directions Large Memo Pad — perfect for writing a personal note!

Share a Smile — Whether you create and order your own personalized note cards, custom memo pads or personal letterhead online, decorate a homemade card or just add confetti to a folded letter, you’ll have fun putting it together and the receiver is likely have fun opening it, smiling or even laughing at your creativity.

Enjoy a Simple Pleasure — There’s something calming and cathartic about taking paper and pen in hand to express yourself with the written word. No glowing screens. No incoming emails to distract. Just you, your stationery and your thoughts and feelings.

What’s more, if you take the time to handwrite a personal note, the recipient is likely to respond in kind. Then you’ll have the fun of receiving your own personal note. Try it; you might like it!

Do you already write personal notes to friends, family or business associates? Let us know what kind of responses you receive. And if you think of other benefits to handwritten notes, please share them in the comments below, let us know at our 123Print Facebook page or tweet us @123Print.

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