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How Do I Choose the Right Business Stationery?

We all know that actions speak louder than words, but what about our business stationery? Whether you’re a big business or a small business with big plans, your stationery set is the basis of your identity. The first impression you make with a client should be the best impression. If you can’t meet a potential client in person and give them a handshake and a smile, let you stationery make that visual handshake. High-quality, customized business stationery will give you an edge over your competitors. Remember we are an image-driven society, so the company that looks the best is perceived as the best. It is important that your stationery communicates both quality and confidence.

123Print Business Stationery: "Geeks United"

123Print Business Stationery: “Geeks United”

What constitutes as business stationery? It can include a variety of products including:

Your business card is the core of your identity. It represents you in your absence. When clients are going through their piles of business cards, they’ll choose the one that stands out and makes them feel secure about building a relationship with that company. Make sure your business card design, paper and finishing sets your business apart in a fresh, modern way. You don’t want your business to be perceived as stink-o! (And yes, that is a proper industry term :-p)

Consider these tips when it comes to deciding what paper and finishing to choose for your business cards and letterhead:

123Print Business Stationery: "Collectable Antiques"

123Print Business Stationery: “Collectable Antiques”

Business Card Paper and Finishing:

  • Matte finished stocks are perfect for enhancing text and basic illustrations (Standard, Premium)
  • Gloss finished stocks look great with photographic illustrations (Economy Glossy, Standard Glossy, Premium Glossy)
  • Linen features a rich texture perfect for adding a touch of grace and elegance (Linen)

Letterhead Paper and Finishing:

  • Heavier-weight 24 lb. is more formal and durable
  • Lighter-weight 20 lb. folds easily and reduces mailing costs
  • 28 lb. linen features luxurious texture
  • Off-white linen adds elegance
  • Bright white adds boldness

Some other tips:

  • Before you order business stationery, consider design, types and amounts of stationery required, security features and ease of re-ordering
  • Make sure you use the same logos, graphic designs and any other images on all your business stationary to promote a cohesive image of your brand
  • Make sure your business stationary reflects your values. For example, if you are a quirky t-shirt and apparel company, your stationery should reflect a casual vibe whereas if you are a law firm, your stationery should reflect a commitment to quality and honor.
  • Keep in mind that corporate stationery is seldom re-usable and goes quickly. You may want to purchase your stationary from a business that offers a convenient re-ordering process with a short turn-around time.

Do you use stationary for your business? Have you learned any tricks along the way? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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