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How to Stay Healthy at Work

No one likes getting sick. But the truth is that it happens to everyone, some more often than not. If you're working in an office, you're susceptible to lots of germs. Here are some ways to protect yourself from sickness in the office.

Drink Lots of Water
Sure, you probably can't wait to pour yourself that hot cup of coffee each morning. And while that might perk you up for a short amount of time, it won't properly hydrate your body the way that you need. Your typical adult needs eight to 10 glasses of water each day, so make sure to keep a water bottle handy. If you put in a conscious effort to sip on water, soon it will become a habit.

Keep Your Workspace Clean
Lots of germs can hide in your keyboard or on your desk. Take the time each week to clean up the mess around you – and we mean more than just shuffling a couple of papers. Instead, use some antibacterial wipes to eliminate bacteria from all your surfaces. Throw out old stationery and files that you don't need anymore because they will just collect dust

Stay at Home When You're Sick
When you're sick, you need to rest. Give your body the time to recover by staying home and recuperating. In addition, bringing a sickness into the office can risk getting your colleagues ill – which no one wants.

Keep Hand Sanitizer at Your Desk
During the day, you might find yourself working diligently on a project, and you may not want to get up and break your concentration. If that's the case, the Huffington Post suggests keeping hand sanitizer on or near your desk for anytime you sneeze or cough and can't step away from your desk to wash your hands.

Eat Well
It sounds simple, but feeding yourself with the right kinds of foods can keep you healthy during the workday. Have you ever had a greasy burger and fries and felt sluggish right after?. Pack your lunch with lean protein and lots of veggies and fruit for the right kinds of nutrients. 

Take a Break
Sometimes stress can really get to us. Giving yourself a break during the workday allows you the time to collect your thoughts – away from work. Go for a walk in or outside of the office to clear your mind, and move your feet.

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