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How to Win Your Next Election with Print Marketing

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A political election is a cut-throat marketing battle; while a strong, likable candidate is always first and foremost, each candidate needs a well-rounded political marketing strategy and skillfully executed political marketing campaign to win an election.

A well-built digital marketing strategy is important, but just as essential is a print marketing campaign to help you stay in front of and resonate with potential voters. Studies have shown that print marketing is actually viewed as a more trusted source of advertising that resonates longer with its audience. When speaking to prospects and potential voters, here is what you should do.

There are two necessary components for any political print marketing campaign:

  • Direct Mail
  • Outdoor Advertising

Below, you will find how to use all of the campaign materials required to facilitate both parts of your political print campaign successfully.

Direct Mail

Direct mail political campaigns should be done in tandem with outdoor advertising and digital marketing efforts, but there is something extra-special about this component. While the use of traditional mail has decreased due to digital means of communication like email and phone, its power to make an impact has increased. Today, political mailers stand out as highly professional correspondence; a physical mailer shows you are willing to put forth the additional time, expense, and effort to reach out to your potential voters. Voters will appreciate the sentiment, and your political mailers will resonate longer. Campaign mailers make a physical presence in a voter’s home, whereas emails can be deleted in mere seconds.

Custom Letterhead

Designing custom letterhead with your name and even your signature, political information, and contact information at the top will ensure voters keep you in their thoughts and can get in touch with your team when necessary. Include a photograph as well. Add distinct messaging to your custom letterhead that will form a lasting connection. Your use of color, fonts, borders, graphics, and messaging will guarantee a unique political marketing piece that potential voters are sure to recall.

Envelops & Labels

Customize your envelopes as well; use personalized political stamps, political mailing labels, and political return address labels as well. Even the lining inside your envelopes should be representative of the voice of your campaign; you can choose colored linings and colored foil linings to stand out.

Political Greeting Cards & Invitations

Send thank you cards and event invitations in the mail, but ensure that you customize them with the details of your campaign and what you as a candidate stand for. Choose a distinct card or invitation for all your political mailers. You can also choose a die cut card as well. A die cut card has a section purposely cut out from the front of the greeting card to showcase your name, political campaign logos, or a brief, powerful message.

You should also send political mailers after the election to thank people for their votes and political contributions; for people that played a significant role in your election, you can even send a small gift like a box of custom chocolates. You can create personalized chocolates with your logo, name, and campaign messaging to ensure brand recognition.

Political Postcards

You can also skip the envelopes and send political postcards; it’s a cost-efficient way to reach a large audience!

Outdoor Advertising

There are so many print marketing components that can be used for outdoor advertising during your next political campaign. Outdoor advertising is the perfect way to interact with your community and potential voters. You can even travel to other cities or towns with a wealth of campaign materials or make your campaign materials available online to give voters instant access to your campaign swag.  See below for a guide to all things political printing for your next campaign!

Campaign Business Cards

Campaign business cards are a necessity for you and your entire team; they are a time-honored professional tradition of exchanging contact info and ideas. Choose a professional easy-to-read font, an eye-catching layout, and include a color photograph. Political campaign business cards come in various sizes and shapes; choose a template that fits your voice.

Political Brochures

You can send political brochures in the mail, but you can also hand them out at political events and while you’re canvassing around your city. Brochures allow for quite a bit of text and graphical information about the person running for office, what policies they stand for, and why they should be the top choice in the next election.  A political brochure is a great way to present ideas, contact information, and how your voters can help. Choose from a classic tri-fold brochure layout or several more complex or exotic folds like Z-fold, accordion fold, and more.

Political Campaign Cards

Rack cards, push cards, and campaign palm cards are all smaller print articles and campaign literature that you can hand out throughout your city to promote you or your candidate.

Political Door Hangers

All door to door campaigning tips will include door hangers; you and your team should place vibrant custom door hangers with your campaign info throughout populated areas. Residents are sure to notice a visually striking door hanger with a campaign photo or distinct messaging.

Political Flyers

Handing out political flyers shows initiative, and it allows you to interact face-to-face with potential voters; include a catchy message and a visually stunning layout, as well as the most notable points about your campaign.

Political Campaign Posters

Canvass your area with posters; hang them up around local establishments. Do some research; what are your voters into – what are their interests and where do they like to hang out? Stay top of mind always!

Campaign Banners

Host events and show people what you or your candidate is all about. Charitable events and community gatherings are all about togetherness. Quality-printed full-color banners are a way to make your campaign slogan and information pop at these events.

Custom Napkins & Coasters

Hosting an indoor or outdoor political event? Personalize and print colorful napkins and coasters with photographs, patriotic patterns, and your distinctive messaging.

Political Yard Signs

Custom campaign signs are a big part of any political campaign. During presidential elections, residential yards and commercial establishments are filled with signs advertising for their favorite political candidate. Ensure you are part of the action and print your yard signs in bulk for the best campaign supplies wholesale pricing.

Political Campaign Stickers

Campaign stickers are another thing voters enjoy to display their pride for their chosen candidate, and they have become staple a piece of every major election for many years.

Promotional Magnets & Car Magnets

Fridge magnets will help you to stay top of mind with voters, and car magnets will extend your reach on the road. Car magnets will ensure you’re spreading your word around your city or state. Offer your own custom car magnets online so voters in different cities can access them and spread your message. Put promo magnets on your own car as well. You and your team can all spread the word! Car wraps can get expensive and potentially damage your vehicle, but less-invasive car magnets are a cost-effective way to get more votes!

Custom Post-it® Notes

Everyone has a use for custom Post-it® Notes, and you can customize yours to fit your campaign message.

Custom Notepads

Notepads are another great tool you can customize with your political and contact information to hand out to potential voters.

Personalized Notebooks

Get personalized notebooks for your team! A custom notebook branded for your campaign creates a professional look for each member. When canvassing an area, a uniform look is important; customize political notebooks with colors, graphics, messaging, photographs, and contact information.

Custom Presentation Folders

Lastly, creating custom presentation folders for your team branded with your logo, messaging, and essential campaign information will keep all campaign materials in one place while looking stylish and professional too.

Start Campaigning Now!

It’s time to get your political campaign underway with a print marketing portfolio that is truly one of a kind! Let us know how 123Print can help.

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