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Infographic: What Videos American Workers Admit to Watching on Their Mobile Phones

I don’t think it’s a secret that everyone has moments where they blatantly slack off at work. Maybe we talk on their cell five minutes longer than they should. Maybe we spend a little too much time checking their Facebook or Twitter feed. Maybe we linger on a news website too long under the guise of “research.” Maybe we sneak a glance at our cells and check out a few videos when we think no one is looking. Sneaky? Yes. Breaking some company rules? You bet! However, I think we all do it at some point or another.

Earlier this year, the Harris Interactive Poll discovered something completely unsurprising – majority of American workers want companies to allow them to use any mobile device they choose for work-related tasks. With so many options (Android, iPhone, Blackberry), it’s not surprising that workers want the choice of which phone they mess with day in and day out. Want another unsurprising fact? How about the fact that the majority of American workers are actually using their mobile devices to secretly stream online videos? Taking a look around the 123Print office, there are some people quality checking business cards, some are feverishly typing away, and then there are a few who are trying to discreetly look at their phones. Wistia’s blog illustrates my co-workers quite well:


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