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Raise Expectations with 123Print Raised-Ink Business Cards [VIDEO]


Raised-ink business cards from 123Print give you access to the same kind of high-quality printing and design services as big businesses at an affordable price.

See and feel the difference with the latest 123Print raised-ink products. Luxurious, premium-quality 130#, thick 19pt Ultimate White Strathmore paper already sets this card apart — and the tactile texture of raised print standing above the paper’s surface is unexpected, ensuring that your business cards get noticed and remembered.

Like an advertisement that uses white space to draw you in, the single-color thermography printing boldly separates you from the crowd in a full-color, digital world. A traditional printing process that had been overlooked, 123Print is redefining the saying, “what’s old is new again,” and setting a fresh, compelling standard.

Raised-ink printing, also known as thermography printing, is a printing process where thermographic or embossing powder is applied to the ink in the areas where you want a raised effect. The ink then dries and hardens during the heating process, creating a raised surface.

Unlike standard business cards, the raised ink and top-of-the-line paper create a distinguishing look and feel that communicates an unprecedented level of sophistication and professionalism.

This is what success feels like.

Choose raised-ink business cards to give yourself a sophisticated edge.

[Read more about Raised-Ink Business Cards HERE.]

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