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Say It Your Way With A Custom Rubber Stamp

123Print Penny Black

The first stamp – the “Penny Black” [credit: about.com]

Did you know that the invention of the stamp dates back to 1840 when Britain issued its first stamp, the “Penny Black”? Actually, in the early days of postal service, neither stamps nor envelopes existed. Envelopes were considered an extra sheet of paper which cost more to send. If you wanted to send a letter, you would simply fold it up and seal it shut, and the person who received the letter had to pay for its delivery. Since rates were usually very high, most people refused to accept letters. Actually, many people ended up developing secret codes they could use to cheat the postal service. For example, they’d place secret marks on the outside of their letter that conveyed their message so all the recipient had to do was look at the letter and read the secret message, then refuse to accept the letter.

Ok. May have gotten a bit carried away with researching the history of stamps. You may be asking yourself, “why does this all matter?” Stamps have come a long way since the “Penny Black” and are now better than ever. 123Print has stayed on top of the ever-changing stamp world by revamping our entire stamp offering.

From return address stamps to large, customizable rubbers stamps to round monogram stamps, it’s easy to customize the right imprints for your home or office. Rather than handwrite your address or directions (or secret message if you’re going old school) over and over, 123Print makes it easy to design a stamp to take the work out of it!


123Print 2000 PLUS®

Good2000 PLUS®
Self inking, press-and-print easy

  • Choice of 4 sizes – mini, small, medium and large
  • Stamp up to 5,000 impressions before needing to change the cartridge-style ink pad
  • Choice of 3-7 lines of text
  • Choice of black, blue, red, green or violet ink

123Print Xstamper® Eco Green®

BetterXstamper® Eco Green®
Pre-inked and Earth-friendly

  • Over 50% of each stamp is made from recycled materials and use water-based ink – ideal for the planet-conscious business!
  • Pre-inked, so no stamp pad is needed
  • Choice of 4-6 lines of text
  • Choice of black, blue, red, green or violet ink

123Print Accu-Stamp®

Pre-inked stamping with precision

  • Top-of-the-line, accurate impressions for up to 20,000 imprints before you need to re-ink
  • Pre-inked, so no stamp pad is needed
  • Choice of 4-6 lines of text
  • Choice of black, blue, red, green or violet ink

Other Stamp Products:

Self inking, monogram stamps

  • Customize with your initial and, on some versions, a line of text
  • Imprint area is 11/16 of an inch in diameter
  • Choice of black, blue, red, green or violet ink

product-stamps-loyalty-card-3Loyalty Card Stamps
Pre-inked with easy-to-see red ink

  • Leave a mark with a smiley, an “OK,” an “x” or a star
  • Imprint area is 1/2 of an inch in diameter
  • Pre-inked, so no stamp pad is needed
  • Choice of red ink only

Replacement Ink Pads
Self-inking ink pad refills

  • Available for round, mini, small, medium and large stamps
  • Choice of black, blue, red, green or violet ink

Replacement Ink
Pre-inked stamp refill

  • Available for Xstamper® Eco Green® and Accu-Stamp®

Whether you customize your 123Print stamp with your company name and address, an initial, or your business tag line, your message will appear crisp and clear every time – and you won’t have to take the time to handwrite it!

Are you interested in trying out our revamped line of custom rubber stamps? Let us know by leaving a comment below, dropping a line on Facebook or tweeting us @123Print.

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