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So You Want to Get a Raise?

Do you think you deserve a pay increase? Well, that's the first step. The things that follow after that are what's important. Now it's time to convince your boss you need a raise, as well. Here are some tips for getting a raise:

Determine Your Value
The truth of the matter is that you might currently be underpaid, in which case a raise should definitely be in the cards. Do your research on your position, the company and other people with similar experience to yours. There are plenty of websites you can look to obtain this information like LinkedIn, or All of the information you obtain can help you realize where you stand with other competition and what kind of raise you deserve. 

Chronicle Your Successes
If you have a meeting with your boss coming up, you're going to have to prove your worth. That means, you must must showcase any issues you've resolved, clients you've landed or special projects you've done. Half the battle is proving to your manager that you've grown and evolved there so you can negotiate an increase in pay. You should start by explaining to him or her all your successes at the job, according to The Wall Street Journal. Odds are, there are certain things he or she has forgotten about, and this can help your case.

Have a Number in Mind
No boss can take an employee seriously if he or she doesn't have a quantitative number in mind. If your boss asks how much of an increase you want (and they will), be sure to have a number ready. Of course, you can go back and forth on it but coming with a number in mind is crucial.

Give Your Boss Time
You definitely don't want to catch your boss off hand. At your job, there may be an open door policy, but now is the not the time to just stop in for a second to "chat." Instead, be sure to schedule a meeting or appointment with your supervisor. That way, it gives you both time to prepare – which is best for everyone involved. 

Push a Little (Not a Lot)
Most companies are not just willing to give out money. You're going to have to push a little – just make sure that you don't overdo it. Know when the answer is definitely no, and then decide from there how you want to deal with it (outside your boss's office). 

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