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Taking Your Dog to Work is Good for Business

Dixie, best friend of Anita, the president at 123Print.Today is National Take Your Dog to Work Day. As a dog lover, I think that rocks. If you’re the boss and your small business doesn’t allow pets in the office (even on a national holiday that encourages such things), maybe you should reconsider?

Studies of people undergoing stress tests or physical examinations have shown that the presence of a dog lowered their heart rate and blood pressure during testing. Another

One ad agency owner claimed that having an agency dog improved creativity, which makes total sense. Being silly, playing with or (come on admit you do it) talking baby talk with your dog can put you in a positive, happy state of mind where it’s easier to block out negative self-talk that tells you your ideas our stupid. Being creative is critical to solving every problem you come up against. You don’t have to be in advertising to benefit from being more creative.

Playing with your dog also focuses your attention. I mean seriously, who wants to lose a finger or at minimum some skin when not paying attention during an intense game of doggie tug of war? Such activities keep you in the moment so that when the break is over and it’s time to go back to work, you’re ready.

A dog at work can also keep your energy level up. Who among us hasn’t suffered from that mid-afternoon crash when it’s really, really hard to keep your eyes open during a meeting or conference call? The solution? Get up. Walk around. And who would love that more than your dog? Fido is more than happy to oblige your need to get the blood pumping and re-energize so you can take on the rest of the afternoon!

A recent At 123Print, we don’t have a company mascot, nor do we allow pets in the office every day, but the majority of us are pet lovers. In fact, we recently sent out a challenge to employees to balance a businesses card on their pet and take a picture. Some of the results are featured here and in a Facebook album. If your dog or pet didn’t get to go to work with you today, check out some of the 123Print pets and it just might lower your stress, put you in a positive frame of mind, give you a few minutes to focus on something else and wake you up. Not as good as taking your dog to work with you, but it’s a start. Happy is National Take Your Dog to Work Day!

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