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The Top 3 Best “Work from Home” Jobs

The Top 3 Best Work from Home Jobs - The 123Print BlogMany factors have contributed steadily to the rapid growth of people from all over the world who choose to make a living online. These factors include a variety of things:  the rise in technology over the years, commitments (e.g. young children), or perhaps the ease and comfort of working from a sofa is becoming more and more appealing to many! Whatever the reason, working from home has certainly become a popular option. Below are the top 3 “work from home” jobs.

Freelance Writing

Finding employment in the writing industry has been known to be slightly difficult, which is why so many aspiring writers and journalists have taken the matter into their own hands! The benefits of being a freelance writer really are endless; flexible hours, no commute to work (meaning lower expenses), a relaxed & controlled working environment, and the ability to decide what and what not to write about. There are many freelance sites that were set up especially with freelancers in mind. Although the services aren’t totally limited to writers (many freelance graphic designers, translators etc are members of the sites, too), there’s definitely a high number of freelance writers who earn an income via one of the two, or both. Freelancers create a free profile and add details regarding their expected hourly pay, experience, qualifications, skills, and what they have to offer in general. Then, companies from across the globe contact the freelancers that they believe will get the job done correctly.

Teaching a Language

With the rise in technology like webcams, microphones, and the popular global service of Skype, teaching a language from home has become increasingly common. Many people who are looking to learn another language have taken advantage of what work-from-home language tutors have to offer, as opposed to paying a lot more for one-on-one lessons in person. Teaching a language via Skype is a lot more social & interpersonal than most of your typical work-from-home jobs. It’s a great idea for those who are fluent or native in English and/or another language, and who are confident that they’re able to teach it correctly. There are many sites that train aspiring English teachers, and guarantee a set work schedule each week with a $14 wage for each hour-long class taught. Teaching a language online is fun, flexible and simple.

Graphic Design

Becoming a work-from-home graphic designer is, admittedly, restricted to those who have a natural creative flair, good computer skills and a strong knowledge of graphic design itself. Being a freelance graphic designer is gradually becoming an appealing option for lots of people, many of whom who already have a degree in the subject. The salary for this work-from-home profession is certainly known to be high, and is a great idea for those creative types who enjoy a flexible, on-the-go lifestyle, or who may have lots of commitments.

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About the Author: This article was written by Blair Thomas who is an e-payment expert and co-founded eMerchantBroker who are experts at setting up bad credit merchant accounts.  Blair and his company have led the way in their Industry, helping set up high risk businesses with credit card processing. You can follow him on Google + and Facebook.

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