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What Does Your Business Pen Say About You?

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At first, you might look down at your pen and think to yourself, “who cares what my pen looks like?” But then look closer at the pens on your desk and the ones you use regularly, like your “favorite pen” — do you see a trend? You may notice that your pen is a reflection of your own business style. A serious all-black pen, for example, looks like you’re all business, all the time; while a custom pink-and-green pen could reflect the playful and colorful nature of your small business.

If there isn’t an identifiable trend amongst your pen collection, you might consider honing in on a business pen that speaks to the outward image you’d like to portray. Think of every little thing that you bring to a business meeting or showcase at your place of business in front of customers as a reflection of your business style — that’s not only your suit or uniform, but also your glasses, folders, Post-it® Notes, and yes, even your business pen. So, the first question is: what’s your business style? Are you casual, playful, formal, modern or artsy?

HowToDoThings.com suggests that colors can play a bigger role than you might realize. Some business pen colors might make your copy look neutral while others lend a hint of emotion. Some may seem more professional while others make you look more casual. Following are some thoughts on various business pen types and what they say about you.

Formal and modern pen. A black or black-and-white pen with black ink is, of course, the standard in business, and looks pretty neutral in that you’re not showing anyone too much individuality and are exhibiting that you mean business. If you want to exude a really professional look, choose a black pen color. This is also a good look for a modern style of business, whether you own a hair salon, fashion boutique or interior design firm.

Casual pen. In school, blue and black ink were sort of interchangeable as neutrals. However, in a professional setting, blue ink tends to look slightly more casual. It’s also calm, cool and easy on the eyes. If you would, say, wear business casual attire to your office, blue ink might be a good representation of your small business. As for casual pen colors, there is a lot of variety. Opt for another neutral other than black, such as brown, gray or taupe. Blue can also be seen as a type of neutral in certain tonalities, like navy, which isn’t necessarily casual, but it certainly feels accessible — and it is the favorite color of the majority Americans.

Bold pen. Teachers, editors and boss figures who are correcting work often use red ink. Save it for this authoritative use and not for your everyday communication with clients. As for the color of the pen’s barrel, bold colors include red, orange and pink, among others. Select a bold pen color for your small business if it’s relevant and matches your logo or brand colors. It doesn’t make sense to have a fuchsia pen, for example, if your company logo is a conservative blue and white.

Artsy pen. If your business is on the artsy side or more playful or casual, green ink is a fun substitute for ubiquitous black or blue pens. This works well for handwritten notes and other friendly types of correspondence. Since green is also associated with being eco-friendly, it’s often used in marketing materials for environmentally conscious small businesses. The same goes for the exterior of the pen — green is a well-liked and friendly color all around. Other artsy color options are yellow, various blues (like turquoise or sky blue) and purple. You might also consider incorporating a pattern that makes sense for your business. For example, we love this adorable Emmy Pen: Spot On Style that features polka dots or this Emmy Pen: Elegant Pink Lace that includes a bright pink with a white lace pattern. A pattern adds a certain pizzazz to your business pen.

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