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Why Laughing is Good for Business

Why Laughing is Good for Business - The 123Print BlogWhether it’s a cackle round the copier or a belly laugh in the break room, you’d be a fool to underestimate the value of a good giggle while you work.

And it seems businesses are keen to get in on the act.

With companies now recognizing the many benefits of laughter in the office, could the days of the stiff and sterile work environment soon be coming to an end?

Below are just some of the reasons why a laugh is great for your health, well being and ultimately good for business.

1. It’s good for you

A really, really good laugh (the type that has you doubling over gasping for breath) can actually be good for your health. Despite feeling exhausted at the end of it and leaving you feeling like you’ve just done 100 sit ups, it’s been reported that a 30-second howl strengthens your immune system for up to three months and can add years to your life.

So on this basis, a company which keeps their employees happy in more ways than one could see less stressed out employees and a reduction in the amount of sick days taken.

Well that’s the idea anyway.

2. It breaks down barriers (and awkwardness)

Having a good laugh and sharing a joke in the workplace can often put everyone on the same level, not only boosting morale but also increasing productivity.

It’s a safe bet that people that can take a joke (within reason) are much more approachable and easy to deal with in a working environment. For businesses this can be a huge advantage when it comes to to building trust and developing open communication with staff members.

3. It can generate creativity

Forget self-help books and life coaches, injecting a little laughter into the working environment can be a real catalyst for creativity. Sharing a little laughter means the atmosphere becomes rejuvenated with new energy, making it easier to interact, think “outside the box” and generally be more creative.

Also, workers who are more relaxed and employ more of a convivial environment are much more likely to find it easier to overcome obstacles that are put in their way.

4. You’ll stand out from the crowd

Humor can really allow your company to stand out from the competition.

It can help companies form great relationships with their clients and customers as well as garnering a large and loyal following, even from competitors.

So if you want to stand out from the pack, working in an environment where humor is openly encouraged can be an effective way of achieving this goal.

5. Use comedy with caution

There are obviously advantages of a good giggle in the office, but as with most things in the workplace, or even among friends and family, there are boundaries that should never be crossed.

Areas such as race, ethnicity, gender, appearance are all no-go areas when it comes to office humor or life in general for that measure.

So make sure that banter doesn’t become bullying if you want to avoid a visit from HR.

How do you feel about laughter in the office? What kinds of things do you do to encourage your employees to have a bit of fun? We’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below, or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

About the Author: Writer, blogger, journalist and self-confessed “man about town”, Matthew Crist is contributing on behalf of CTL Digital Solutions.

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