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Your Office is the Window to Your Soul

People Person Desk

People Person DeskWhat you have on your desk, your office furniture, pictures on the walls — everything in your office communicates something. What is your office saying about you?

We’ve identified three office personality styles. See which of these best fits you.

This person has diplomas, certificates, awards and accolades all over their office as well as many “grip-and-grin” and golfing photos of themselves with “important” people. Their book collection is full of impressive titles. There may even be a trophy or two strategically placed around the office. A typical overachiever, the Go-Getter office personality is confident and always gives 110%. These people consider themselves important, expect respect and usually have no problem earning it. Charts and targets in their office reveal their competitive nature, and their over-sized “power desk” is likely covered with projects and papers and a full-to-bursting inbox and outbox. Because they react to visual stimuli, they like to have everything where they can see it. The overall tone of the office suggests authority and control. An expensive, large, formal chair tells everyone who enters the room that the person who occupies that seat is important. They know how to take charge and are motivated by achievement. Power and control are their main goals, and they have the energy and cunning to achieve them. Unlike most people, the Go-Getter personality kind of enjoys confrontation. A hard worker, nothing keeps them down for long.

Mr./Ms. Meticulous
A barren, highly organized desk with only the basic tools — pen, white note pad and stapler (all in an equally spaced row, of course) — is command central for Mr. or Ms. Meticulous. Their office décor is functional, designed to help them work more efficiently. Everything in the office has an appropriate place. Likewise, this office personality has a clear vision of the way work should be done. Decisions are made with the belief that there is only one right way to do something. By closely following processes and procedures, they try to ensure everything runs efficiently and on time. Others may perceive them as upright, fastidious and/or high energy. At their best they’re super-prepared, and at their worst they could be a tad paranoid. They can be nit-picky and micromanage projects, but they are much more likely to get down on themselves as opposed to others. Because they are structured and schedule-oriented, they are typically quite formal and serious, as is their office. Keeping their personal life private, they may only have a few personal photos placed so only they can see them. Areas visitors will see may be decorated with things like inspirational successories. Their bookshelves might include popular business best sellers, strategy books and organizational guides. What some people may take as “cold and sterile,” others will see as “organized and under control.”

Office ToyPeople Person
With what might be politely referred to as an “impulsively ordered” desk, the People Person is somehow able to successfully navigate stacks of papers, multiple pens, an empty tape dispenser, a funky paperweight and photos of their family and/or friends that have been proudly put on display. The rest of their office is a menagerie of personal memorabilia, conversation pieces and knick-knacks. To the average person, it may seem disorganized, but there is usually a method to their madness. Spend five minutes in this person’s office — without even seeing or speaking to them — and you will know more about them than some of your own relatives. Extroverts who are motivated by relationships, these people keep candy on the corner of their desk to lure people into their workspace and use office toys to get their creative juices flowing. Both flexible and creative, they are great multitaskers, easily transitioning back and forth from project to project. This type of office personality usually believes that every idea is worth exploring, which makes them good at thinking outside the box. They are also the ones who somehow remember your birthday, your children’s names and sometimes even your children’s birthdays! They always seem to have a positive attitude, making them slow to anger and quick to forgive.

Did you recognize yourself in any of these descriptions? Leave us a comment about other office personality styles you’ve encountered.


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