Does Outdoor Advertising Still Work? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Does outdoor advertising still work? Yes, it does. According to the Arbitron National In-Car Study, in-car media such as outdoor advertising reaches 98% of U.S. residents aged 18 or older. Speaking of in-car, did you know that the average Americans spends nearly 20 hours in their car per week and travels more than 200 miles? Crazy. If your business hasn’t taken advantage of these travelers already, there’s no time like the present. Outdoor advertising is one of the last messages a consumer receives before making a purchase design. Discover how outdoor advertising such as banners, yard signs, car magnets and billboards can help your business shine this summer in this Tom Cochrane-inspired infographic entitled, “Life is a highway … and they want to read it all night long!”

123Print Outdoor Advertising Infographic


The “Life is a highway … and they want to read it all night long!” infographic was designed by 123Print, a leader in printing personalized business and outdoor marketing products, including affordable business cards, banners, yard signs, flyers, car magnets and door hangers. Visit to learn more.

Author: Cindy Berrier

Cindy is the Customer Care and Operations Manager at 123Print. A native New Englander, Cindy now resides in Pennsylvania. She enjoys helping our customers and ensuring that the website runs smoothly. When she has downtime, she likes to spend time with her grandchildren and ride horses. Any questions, please contact her at [Check out Cindy on Google+]

8 thoughts on “Does Outdoor Advertising Still Work? [INFOGRAPHIC]”

  1. I made a campaign for my brand for promotion last month via Wild On Media. I preferred billboard advertising for my brand. Outdoor advertising have several advantages like..we can create our own designs or with professionals. can convey message in 7 words. if it striked to consumers mind , that will never forget.

  2. You ever read the study done about people voting the next presidential face they’d like to see on Mt Rushmore? (I think it was Obama vs Bush). Wasn’t even a politically motivated billboard it just wanted to gauge people’s interactions with outdoor advertising. Done in 4 markets over 4 weeks and they got 18,000 people to participate. Pretty fascinating.

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