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Small Business Marketing Tips

What effect can current events have on your business? Believe it or not, newsworthy stories can have helpful and practical lessons for seeing your small business in a new light. For a timely example, let’s take a look at…

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5 Things Movers Won’t Tell You

So you’ve decided it’s time to move. Maybe you’re headed to a new office space. Perhaps you’re relocating your family because of that great new job. Well, moving is a task that usually requires professional assistance. You can save…

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Water Cooler Talk and the Web

Five Tips for Companies Dealing with Social Media Oversharing Social media sharing has changed almost every aspect of the workplace. Acting as the great equalizer, employees may have just as much visibility on the web (and sometimes more) as…

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SBA Loans – The Benefits and How to Apply

The Small Business Association (SBA) works in favor of small businesses by providing them with various support programs and extending them financing help to set up their units. Financing support through SBA loans is a major assistance extended to…

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5 Unique Summer Marketing Ideas

With summer right around the corner (don’t let these 90 degree days fool you … it’s still Spring) it’s time to start thinking of unique, summer-themed marketing ideas to promote your business this season.  Look no further, as we…