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11 Tacky Wedding Dresses That May Make You Cringe

I don’t know about you, but whenever I hear about a wedding I immediately imagine something classy and glamorous, with a touch of the couple’s style. That touch may be brought out by colors, music selections, how they styled their invitations, or how they do their wedding vows – but sometimes people really go overboard to make their wedding their own. Or maybe that’s not accurate and fair. Maybe these people actually think they’re “unique touches,” really look good. Taste is subjective, right? So maybe one of these photos actually appeals to you and inspires you if you’re planning your wedding or your future daughter-in-law’s wedding. Either way, this post is all in good fun. Personally, I wouldn’t be caught dead in any of these wedding day outfits, nor would I wear anything on TLC’s hit show My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. What about you?

Honey, you need coverage and more importantly support. However, I imagine the groom didn’t object to this look. What about your grandmother? Your dad? Cover those puppies up, woman. Sheesh.

I’m not one to claim I understand high fashion or even understand what an A-line dress is, but what in the world are these girls wearing? It looks like a bedspread is attached to a skirt you MAY wear to a club, and then the left over bedspread pieces are on the top. I don’t get it.

I understand if you and your husband-to-be are big fans of a sports team and share that in common. I really hope the guy I someday marry is a New York Mets fan like myself, but this is just unnecessary.

All brides want to be different and stand out on their special day. Makes sense. While I have to give the girl credit for actually figuring out a way to wear a dress made entirely of balloons (and not popping every single balloon as she walked) she looks like she belongs in a Vegas show. Take away the colored balloons entirely and make the dress out of actual fabric… and that dress would be really pretty!

Incorporating camo into weddings is nothing new, but I’m pretty sure this is the first time I have ever seen a mosquito net being used as a veil. Resourceful! Thrifty!

I think double weddings are a great idea and perhaps can even be a big money saver, however; this just looks like a costume party to me.

Peter Pan had it right, growing up totally sucks, but I’d like to advise that any future grooms not wear tights and future brides not wear fairy wings – no matter how desperate to not grow up you are. Seriously.

Tacky weddings 101: Elvis? Check. Star Trek outfit? Check. Getting married on the USS Enterprise? Check. Goth dress? Check. No competing with this one, folks.

Some brides opt to stay away from the whole “wear white” idea for their weddings, and that’s respectable. I actually think this purple is a really pretty color, but can’t help but feel she’s off to a monthly meeting of the Red Hat Society.

Jean shorts. Cut-off shorts. Jorts. Whatever you want to call them they are unacceptable in any capacity, especially weddings. Don’t wear your bathing suit to your wedding either. Also, I just noticed there are ducks hanging from the arch. MR Ducks? I thought I understood what was going on in this, but now I’m not sure. Can someone explain?

Smoking isn’t for everyone, and I’m not one to lecture about why you shouldn’t smoke. However, I did read a bunch of wedding advice columns saying that a bride should never be photographed smoking while in her wedding dress because it’s tacky. Personally? I think this is the least tackiest picture in this entire post.

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