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101 Inspiring Ways to Change Your Life in 2020

Hot air balloon above high mountain at sunset

1 Get outside…think outside.

2 Change your business.

3 Alter your perspective.

4 Send a life-affirming letter to a friend.

5 Exercise.

6 Take a road trip.

7 Gain perspective.

8 Spend time with family.

9 Study hard.

10 Teach.

11 Love more.

12 Start a side hustle.

13 Finish your DIY project.

14 Prepare a 10-course meal.

15 Stand up for something.

16 Journal.

17 Overload on quirky fridge magnets.

18 Learn a language…or sign language.

19 Start a blog.

20 Expand your portfolio.

21 Update your wardrobe.

22 Disrupt old patterns.

23 Reach out to your favorite customers.

24 Adapt.

25 Paint a mural.

26 Write a book.

27 Craft.

28 Stop yelling at the TV.

29 Play an instrument.

30 Perform in an online band.

31 Buy a boat, or a house, or a dog, or a 1970s leisure suit.

32 Picnic on top of a mountain.

33 Howl.

34 Decorate your home office.

35 Find an identity.

36 Celebrate a milestone.

37 Welcome a new member of the family.

38 Show a relative how to video chat.

39 Donate to a charity.

40 Fly a kite.

41 Catch a fish.

42 Find your green thumb.

43 Go birdwatching.

44 Become a sommelier.

45 Meditate.

46 Knit tiny slippers for your cat.

47 Sew a quilt.

48 Crochet.

49 Croquet.

50 Tour your city.

51 Become an amateur photographer.

52 Netflix and chill on a stormy day.

53 Spot a rainbow.

54 Remodel your house.

55 Teach your dog a new trick.

56 Tour a virtual museum.

57 Plan a date night at home.

58 Play a chess game by mail.

59 Go on a camping trip or beach vacation in your backyard.

60 Find a new favorite song.

61 Work on a gigantic puzzle.

62 Have a dance battle.

63 Bingo night.

64 Make a collage.

65 Clean out your closet.

66 Host a Zoom party.

67 Play charades.

68 Find out more amazing things about all the people in your life.

69 Read in the tub.

70 See a drive-in movie (make it a double feature).

71 Bike, rollerblade, skateboard, unicycle, walk, run, hike, swim; sit.

72 Finish your holiday shopping early.

73 Look at old memorabilia and get nostalgic.

74 Watch the clouds go by and say what they look like.

75 Lay down a blanket and name constellations in the stars.

76 Watch the sunrise then watch the sunset.

77 Brew your own drink.

78 Make scented candles.

79 Chalk art your driveway.

80 Create a garden oasis.

81 Volunteer.

82 Put on a puppet show.

83 Toss a ball or throw a frisbee.

84 Personalize your stuff with fancy labels.

85 Try whipped coffee.

86 Design a t-shirt.

87 Collect seashells.

88 Go surfing.

89 Know your exceptionalness.

90 Work overtime.

91 Take a day off.

92 Construct a paper airplane.

93 Soar higher than you could have imagined.

94 Send a care package to someone special.

95 Make s’mores.

96 Give a massage to your significant other.

97 Act out a play.

98 Practice mindfulness.

99 Reward accomplishments.

100 Accept joy.

101 Get carried away

There are 101 reasons to get carried away in 2020, 123Print® gives you the tools to do it right!

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