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25 Uses for Stamps

25 Unique Uses for Stamps – The 123Print Blog

Before I started working at 123Print, whenever I heard the word “stamps” I instantly thought of the Postal Office. Now, when I hear the word “stamps,” my mind goes a million different places. Whether you run a business or just work for one, have kids or have cats, are artistic or have only just mastered the art of stick figures, there is a unique way to use a custom rubber stamp that’s just for you. Check out our list of 25 uses for stamps!

  1. Create a custom notebook for someone
  2. Customize stickers
  3. Create place cards or cards for a table setting
  4. Make your own coloring books or even pieces of art
  5. Stamp the same design onto all your party supplies for a ultra-coordinated look
  6. Design a custom stamp with your child’s name so they can put on their own signature before they learn how to write
  7. Decorate your Wedding Invitations
  8. Mark special dates on a calendar
  9. Leave a cute mark on handwritten notes
  10. Put some personality on boxes, chests and even some furniture
  11. Decorate wrapped gifts
  12. Use them on balloons
  13. Outline or stencil a wall
  14. In honor of Valentine’s day, leave your mark on your (or your kids’!) Valentines with a stamp
  15. Stamp yours or your kids name inside their clothes, shoes, hats, gloves, etc.
  16. Mark the inside of a book with your contact info
  17. Decorate your scrap book pages
  18. Use washable ink to stamp on temporary tattoos
  19. Decorate lampshades
  20. Style your own tags for gifts
  21. Decorate ribbons for wrapping gifts
  22. Personalize picture frames
  23. Decorate greeting cards/invitations
  24. Terrorize your kids by stamping messages onto their brown paper bagged lunches
  25. Decorate your Easter Eggs

How else have you used stamps? Let us know in the comments below, or by connecting with us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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