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3 Tips for Eye-Catching Marketing (Without Photoshop)

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Want to learn three easy tricks for eye-catching marketing that are sure to boost sales? Read on! Astound your customers and bring in new clientele without a fancy design degree – here’s how!

1. The Right Content

Marketing content is a very broad term; it can refer to both written and visual collateral, print marketing, and digital content like video, radio, and animation.

There is also guerilla marketing where often unconventional public outdoor advertising is used to garner your audience’s attention.

Whatever type of marketing content you are trying to create, the trick is knowing what works best for the various facets of your business, how to best capture your brand voice through these campaigns, and the easiest and most cost-effective ways to professionally build your advertisements.

With the ever-growing professional capabilities of the everyday camera phone, people are creating great original photo and video content without the aid of stock photo or video sites.

However, there are plenty of excellent stock imagery sites out there!

Looking for a databank of absolutely free unlicensed images? Try:

Many offer videos, as well.

Other stock photo and stock video sites you may want to check out are:

For royalty-free stock videos try:

For royalty-free audio try Storyblocks Audio at, and for voice-acting talent try Voice123.

2. The Right Software

Having the right software to create each piece of content marketing is important too. If you’re creating a blog, WordPress is a user-friendly platform that allows for endless customizations to fit the voice of your brand. WordPress can also be used for building websites.

For a visual ad, it doesn’t require a fancy design degree or Photoshop genius; there is some great software like:

You can use these tools to create desktop, mobile, and physical ads. Design striking imagery for websites, blogs, retargeting ads, email campaigns, social media marketing, and print campaigns too.

At 123Print, we also offer our own digital editing tools that anyone can use to easily create high-quality print marketing products.

Looking for easy-to-use video editing software? Try:

It doesn’t have to cost a lot or take countless hours to design captivating marketing for your next campaign.

3. The Right Mediums

Choosing the right mediums for your campaigns is crucial. Figure out your target market for each ad. Examine demographics, including income, age range, interests, and profession.

Are your customers avid social media users or ones more apt to respond to direct mail?

Are you hosting an event that will require stunning brochures, banners, posters, and more? Are you looking to create the perfect email campaign, YouTube video, print ad, or in-your-face outdoor advertising products?

The mediums you choose to present each ad play an integral role in their tone, as well as what types and how many customers will respond positively to them. Use the correct mediums and the steps above to turn prospects into long-term customers!

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