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33 Creative Ways to Use Post-it® Notes

Post-it® Notes from 123Print

Who doesn’t love Post-it® Notes? Sticky notes, stick ’ems, sticky paper thingies … whatever you call them, they’re one of the most useful office supplies to have on hand. And their uses extend far beyond quick note writing. Read on for 33 unique and creative ways to use Post-it® Notes, at home or at the office.

  1. Write down all the tasks you have to do for the day (you can even color code them!), stick them on the wall, then rip them down as you complete them.
  2. Keep it on the fridge to write down food and cooking ingredients as you run out of them for the next time you go grocery shopping.
  3. If you decided to use a Post-it® Note as a grocery list, stick it on the handle of your cart while shopping.
  4. Label miscellaneous cords and cables by wrapping a Post-it® Note around it.
  5. Keep several Post-it® Notes stuck to the inside cover of your calendar or planner so you always have one handy.
  6. At the start of your work day, make a mini to-do list to stick on your monitor.
  7. Mark the pages in a book that contain study or reference notes for easy access.
  8. How many times has your car battery died after leaving your headlights on? (If you’re like me — I’ve lost count). Stick a Post-it® Note on your steering wheel or window when you turn the lights on. That way, when you park your car, you’ll see the sticky note again and know why it’s there.
  9. Mark your favorite entries in a book of poems or other anthology.
  10. Use the entire pad to make a flip book!
  11. Mark food with its expiration date.
  12. Use them to decide seating arrangements! That way, you can start assembling your arrangement as the RSVPs start coming in and readjust as needed.
  13. Make a decorative collage!
  14. Label your kids’ lunches with whose is whose. That way, they won’t have to deal with the embarrassing “Love, Mom” signatures since they can rip it off 🙂 On second thought …
  15. Play the “Guess Who I Am” game where you write the name of a celebrity, stick in on the forehead of the person next to you, and have them ask only yes/no questions to guess who they are!
  16. Do you work with storyboards? Use each sticky note as an element of your story to easily visualize and move around.
  17. Never pay a late fee again! Write the due date of a movie rental or library book and stick in somewhere on the cover.
  18. Out of tape? Tear off the sticky part of your Post-it® Note to use as a substitute.
  19. Fold a Post-it® Note over two pieces of paper to stick them together.
  20. Teaching yourself a new language? Stick new words on relevant items at home or at the office.
  21. Use the sticky side to clean the spaces between the keys on your keyboard!
  22. Stick a Post-it® Note on the backside of a sheet of music in a music book to make for easier and quicker page turning.
  23. Need a reminder first thing in the morning? Stick a Post-it® Note on your alarm clock, cell phone, bathroom mirror, doorknob, etc.
  24. Make your own “Countdown to Christmas” calendar for your kids! (Or, any “Countdown to Holiday” calendar).
  25. Jot down shortcuts for various tasks you do and stick them on your wall or monitor.
  26. Need a costume fast? Draw some doodles on sticky notes and put them on a t-shirt.
  27. Mark the beginning and ending of a chapter in a book that you have to get read that day.
  28. Play a practical joke on someone — sticky note their entire car or entire office. (*cough cough* our April Fool’s Day prank … )
  29. Label a folder or binder.
  30. Make some origami!
  31. Use sticky notes for motivation. Write down positive statements and stick them on your mirror, so you can see them and read them to yourself every morning. This is especially helpful if you have a big presentation coming up!
  32. Mark your place in a book or magazine.
  33. And last but not least … the Post-it® Note man.

Post-it Note Man


Can you think of any other creative ways to use Post-it® Notes? Which are your favorites from our list? Would YOU every consider taking on the Post-it® Note man?! Let us know in the comments below, or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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