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Quick Office Pranks for April Fools’ Day!

Quick Office Pranks for April Fools’ Day!Here at 123Print, we are very serious about our work, products and customer service, but when it comes to our office environment, we like to keep it full of life and laughter. Which is why we’re hoping our coworkers will forgive the few of us who decided to pull a couple of April Fools’ Day pranks around the workplace. Nothing too extreme, of course — we just had some fun with everyday office things, like Post-it® Notes and the copy machine.

Here are five fun (and funny) April Fools’ tricks you can play on your coworkers today.

  1. Post-it® Note a coworker’s office. It has special meaning for us because we offer Post-it® Notes online, but funny (and easy) for anyone to do. See the pic above!
  2. Set off alarms or egg timers every 10 minutes hidden in desks around the office…and then sit at yours and giggle.
  3. Make 50 copies of a staple or paperclip on the upper left corner of a piece of paper and put those 50 copies back into the copier so that everyone else who makes a copy in the morning thinks there’s a paperclip or staple in their paper.
  4. Make a copy of a coworker’s face (or someone famous) and tape it to the bottom of the copy machine cover so that when people lift it to make a copy, there’s a face staring at them.
  5. Raise or lower the height on coworkers’ chairs and then tape the chair adjustment devices up or down so that when they sit down and try to quickly adjust the chair, they can’t.

It’s all in good fun, right?! Right. Happy April Fools’ Day, everyone!

What pranks have you successfully played on your coworkers today?! Let us know and you may find your trick being played on a 123Print employee later today 🙂

P.S. Here are more pictures of our Brand Manager’s Post-it® Note-d office. Enjoy.

April Fools Prank


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