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5 Budget-Saving Tips for the Modern Bride

123Print Say I Do Wedding Invitations

123Print Say I Do Wedding Invitations

Knowing that our brides come to us for budget-friendly wedding invitations, save-the-dates, wedding menus and more, we’ve been offering several tips for the bride on a budget. Last month is was “How to Plan a Classic Wedding on a Budget,” the month before that, “How to Plan an Affordable Wedding” and this month, we’re offering ideas for modern brides.

Let’s start by defining what we mean when we say “modern bride.” This bride likes things sleek, bright and bold. Her wedding decisions may be considered unexpected and she leans toward the contemporary. The “Say I Do” 123Print invite is an example of a modern wedding invitation.

So how do modern budget brides save money when wedding planning? The same tips from our other blogs apply, but here are 5 more wedding budget-saving ideas:

1. Plan ahead — The longer your engagement, the more leverage you might have in negotiating prices for things like catering, photography and music. As long as you’re not getting married during peak wedding season, vendors may be willing to cut you a deal with an early deposit. Plus, you will have longer to pay for things. If you’ve booked your reception venue, then you can go beyond the down payment and start making monthly installments. If you have a credit card that offers rewards like money back or frequent-flyer miles, be sure to pay with that card. But also be sure to pay the balance in full each month to avoid interest charges!

2. Sign up for savings — Some wedding dress designers will let you sign up for sample-sale listings. You don’t even have to be engaged to get on the list, so sign up for your favorite designers’ email lists today! And don’t stop there. It’s possible that local wedding shops, equipment rental stores and tux places will also offer discounts as a reward to their email subscribers. I can guarantee that signing up for 123Print’s email will bring discounts to your inbox regularly.

Hand-sewn Wedding Dress

My mom hand-sewing my fabulous wedding dress! Thanks, Mom!

3. Save on the wedding dress — Take it from me, the bride whose seamstress mother sewed a stunning gown using pattern pieces from no fewer than three different dresses, I know how important the dress is to you. But seriously, just because it’s the perfect dress doesn’t mean it has to cost a mint. Consider a pre-owned dress, search out samples sales and trunk shows, find a wedding dress outlet, and once you’ve found THE dress, comparison shop online. If you have a smart phone, you can comparison shop in the dressing room! And don’t forget to check with your own local seamstresses. Depending on where you live, it’s possible that a hand-sewn-just-for-you dress might actually cost less than a store-bought gown.

4. Beg, borrow and steal — OK, don’t actually steal. Orange may be the new black, but it’s definitely not right for your wedding attire. Even if you are a modern bride. “Something borrowed” is an age-old wedding tradition. Don’t be shy. If your mother-in-law or best friend has the perfect earrings or necklace to complement the dress, then by all means, ask if you can borrow it. Need more vases or bowls for your centerpieces at the reception? Ask friends. Are you looking for an elegant-yet-modern mode of transportation to the reception? Skip the limo and ask Uncle Chuck if he’d drive you in his new convertible.

fruit wedding centerpiece5. Dare to be different — You’re the modern bride, after all, and you’re supposed to do unexpected things. Who says your centerpieces have to be floral? Consider beautiful arrangements of colored fruits, grains, plain or spray-painted pinecones, caramel apples — even through-the-years photos of the bride and groom. Use your imagination. There are a million ways to decorate your table in a sleek, sophisticated style without using flowers. An added bonus could be that your guests will actually be able to see each other across the table instead of craning their necks around a beautiful floral display.

So there you have it. Five more ideas to save you money on your modern wedding. It can be done, and you’re just the bride to do it!

Have tips and ideas that you’ve tried? Please share them below.

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