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5 Unique Uses for Your Business Cards

123Print Business CardsWhat do you think of when someone says, “business cards”? Obviously, you picture that little piece of card stock with your name and company contact information on it. Maybe you think of networking, and handing out your cards face to face at business meetings, association events and such. That’s certainly the way business cards have traditionally been used and circulated. Now it’s time to expand your horizons — that small card can do some heavy lifting as a primary marketing tool for your business. Here are five ideas to get you thinking.

1. Add an offer they can’t refuse.
That’s right, your business card can also serve as a way to entice potential customers to come back for a visit. You can add a coupon for a certain percentage off your next service or a promotional code that they can enter in at checkout on your website. Alternatively, you could include a punch card system, where each time they use your service or product, the card gets a hole punch, and after so many purchases (five to eight is about standard), they get a free one. A great incentive!

2. Include a helpful tool.
Be sure to use both sides of your business card. One side can be your standard name and contact information; the other side can be a tool that people will want to use often. These tools could be a conversion chart for restaurant tipping (who couldn’t use one of those?) or a mini calendar, for example. This will make people keep your card in their wallet and keep your company top of mind.

123Print Business Card Back Options

123Print Business Cards on Bulletin Board3. Pin your success on local businesses.
Leave no local bulletin board unpinned! There are tons of businesses in your vicinity and beyond that have bulletin boards for this exact purpose: to help their customers find services in the area. Pin your card at your grocery store, coffee shop, pet store and florist, everywhere possible. Some local businesses might even let you place your business cards on their counters — and you might offer to do the same for them.

4. Choose a design that will stick with your customers.
One of the best ways to do this is by making your business cards magnetic. Literally. When a potential client receives a magnetic business card from a business that they have a use for, or might have a use for in the future, they simply slap it on their fridge or filing cabinet. It doesn’t end up lost in a drawer somewhere or floating around on the bottom of their purse — it stays right there, front and center in the most-trafficked room in their house or office.

5. Put them in other unexpected places.
Surprise! Your business card seems to be turning up everywhere — under a windshield wiper, on the restaurant table after eating out, in the envelope with your bill payments, at the hotel concierge and in your friends’ and family’s hands (you can carry around a few of their cards, too). Get crafty with your distribution. You never know when it could land you your next gig.

Have you chosen your business cards yet? Or do you have any business card tips you can share with other business owners? Please share! Leave us a comment on our 123Print Facebook page, tweet us @123Print or write a note below.

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