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This month …

Erin Pelicano, Owner of Erin Pelicano Jewelry
talks about starting and growing her own business.

Some key takeaways from Erin Pelicano’s Interview:

  • It’s been quite empowering to have people really support you as a creative person.
  • It was one of my goals that I grow my business to a point where I was ready to start giving back.
  • Failures actually are a great thing, because you learn from each one.
  • Social media has been most successful for me.
  • The first business stationery I ever ordered were business cards.
  • It’s been important for me to learn to leave my work in this space.
  • It’s great to see women try and find what it is that their heart is really telling them that they want to do, and finding that balance between being a mom and having a career or business that’s yours.

Something that I have found very important in growing my business is listening to your gut.  Because in our day, this day and age, you can be bombarded with information.  You read books and read blogs and you read this online and that article, and there’s so much information which is amazing and helpful to a point, and then it can get confusing and feel overwhelming.  So at times you have to sort of refocus yourself and listen to what your gut is telling you, because you might hear that this worked for one person, and that worked for another person, but it might not be exactly right for you.  So I think it’s important to really find that balance of listening to everyone else’s experience and this expert and that expert, but then taking that information and thinking about it and really focusing on what is going to work for you and listening to your gut, because sometimes taking other advice that might not feel quite right, there might be a reason behind that.”
               – Erin Pelicano

“I’d say for anyone who’s in a similar circumstance that has either lost their job or is just thinking about a complete change in career, that really investing in yourself is very important.  When I started to make this transition from continuing to search for a job in a full-time industry to deciding I want to follow my creative dreams, I did, I took some more classes, and I decided it was time to invest in myself.  So I think if people who are in the beginning stages, it’s okay to take some classes and see if it might be something you’re interested in, and I think it’s a good investment in the very beginning.”
               – Erin Pelicano

[Click here to access the full transcript of Erin Pelicano’s 123Print Small Business Sense interview]

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