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5 Ways to Make Your Flyer Campaign Soar

5 Ways to Make Your Flyer Campaign Soar – The 123Print BlogThe investment of any percentage of your budget into marketing is always a potential risk.  Even putting variables such as the current economic conditions aside, your flyer distribution campaign needs to be considered in respect of how it meets other criteria, in order for your campaign to take off properly to help your business soar.

1)  Clear, concise communication
Ensuring that your flyer communicates exactly what you want to say, in the precise ways which will have maximum impact on your customers, is vital.  At the very least, before the printing stage, proof-read carefully to make sure your message:

  • is well defined.
  • expresses what benefit the customer will obtain from your product or service.
  • communicates a clear call to action.

Once this is checked, double-check your flyer again, but this time with all your knowledge about your target audience in mind (including market research and postcode information) and ask yourself, is your communication going to reach out to these customers particularly?  If not, think again about how to get your message across, perhaps in a way which appeals to these customers directly.

2) Make it memorable
Your flyer will have approximately 2 – 5 seconds to make an initial impact on potential customers, so once you’re sure about your content:

  • check your design to ensure that it will attract attention instantly and encourage your customers to engage with both your message and your offers.
  • ensure that the form of the flyer matches its function. For example, if your message and your brand is funky, funny and aims to appeal to both students and young professionals, is your leaflet’s form also going to be memorable to them?  Keep in mind that some fonts might be too corporate, or colors too bland for this audience.

3) Define any deadlines and any discount codes
Along with your call to action, ensure that your flyer highlights any deadlines for offers or use of discount codes.  This not only adds a sense of urgency for action on the customers’ part, but also allows your campaign’s success to be more easily managed (in terms of any extra staff or production) and quantified (response and conversion will be the ultimate measures of value for your campaign).

4)  Back up your brand
Flyer distribution advertising is one of the easiest methods to back up with a complementary form of marketing.  Perhaps a concurrent social media campaign would fit nicely with the Facebook Biz address you’ve included on the flyer: all of those ‘Like’ testimonials could well reassure new customers as well as maximize your marketing potential.

5)  Become a regular
Remember that not all marketing methods achieve the best results immediately.   However, flyer distribution offers the advantage that it can be a cost-effective form of regular marketing, so consider a methodical, campaign schedule which spans several weeks or months (depending on geographical spread) to help keep your brand and business name firmly in the minds of those potential customers.

Have you ever conducted a flyer distribution campaign? What kinds of successes did you have? Let us know in the comments below, or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

About the author: Paul M. Moore is a Marketing Specialist with over 15 years’ experience in the Marketing field and Direct Marketing Techniques.

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