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A Guide to Rich Pins on Pinterest

Pinterest is an aspirational website. When people use Pinterest, they're planning out how they'd like their lives to be. Pinterest users make boards that cover topics as broad as food and as specific as calligraphy for wedding invitations. This makes it the perfect social media site for businesses looking to engage with customers and drive product sales. 

One of the coolest features Pinterest offers businesses is the ability to create "rich pins." Rich pins are pins that offer more information to users that draws them into your product. Rich pins encourage engagement and drive click-throughs, which means they're more likely to get people on your site and interested in making a purchase. 

Types of Rich Pins
Pinterest offers six different kinds of rich pins, each of which can help your business achieve different goals. 

  • App pins: On iOS, these include a button so that users can install an app without leaving Pinterest​.
  • Place pins: Include location information.
  • Article pins: Mimic a news article by including headline and author information.
  • Recipe pins: Provide information about how to make a pinned dish.
  • Movie pins: Include ratings and reviews of films.
  • Product pins: Show price information that can be updated and tell users where they can purchase an item.

Product pins are most likely to be the rich pin that's best for your business. Because the pin includes information about price and a link to the product's purchase page, it drives customers right to your site. Users who have pinned those products to their pinboards will also get emails if you lower the price by 10 percent or more. This way, the pins do the work for you if you're having a sale or otherwise reducing prices. 

Even though product pins are the most intuitive pin for businesses, other rich pins have a lot of potential. If you have a mobile app, you can encourage users to check it out using app pins. You can use article pins to establish yourself as an expert by sharing content from your blog or website. Food or beverage companies can create recipes that use their products and set those up using rich pins. Location pins can be a great tool if you're reaching out to local customers. 

General Pinterest Tips:

  • Pinterest is photo-based, so use strong visuals.
  • Caption your pins in a way that encourages users to click through and learn more.
  • Engage with users through repins and comments.
  • Share content from other experts in your field.
  • Use wit and humor in captions as fits your overall marketing tone.
  • Most Pinterest users are women, so tailor your content to your audience.

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