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Be in the Know: 5 of Our Favorite Email Marketing Online Resources

Be in the Know 5 of Our Favorite Email Marketing Online ResourcesYou can find anything on the internet; we all know that. (Some of what you find you may wish you had never found, such as this article from But the internet is chock full of really helpful things too, like a large selection of valuable email marketing resources. Below are five websites that I think do a great job of presenting timely and relevant subject matter. In fact, these are some of the websites that I personally visit on a regular basis for email marketing best practices, tips and case studies. I hope you find them as helpful as I do!

Marketing Sherpa (
The Marketing Sherpa research institute is well-known in the marketing world. Their library of online marketing resources, including an extensive article archive, large video archive, webinars and free reports, is second to none. Their case studies using real companies have a lot of informative results and their article archive can be searched using various facets.

Email Marketing Reports (
Email Marketing Reports has a great selection of informative articles and how-to guides. This is a great place to start if you are just beginning in email marketing. The website layout isn’t my favorite but the information is excellent.

Marketing Profs (
Aside from their cute branding, I really like the website’s layout and ease of navigation. You can access a plethora of information for free, but they also have a “pro” level which is additional information for a yearly fee.

Listrak (
Listrak is a full-service email service provider but they also have a robust online resource center. I love Listrak’s white papers because they are so thorough and contain great data from their customers. The resource center has a section for white papers, webinars, their blog and infographics.

Bronto (
Bronto is another email service provider with an excellent online resource center. Their white papers, newsletters and webinars are informative and timely. They offer blogs on seven different subjects, which is great because you can follow the topics that you are most interested in — or all of them!

With these five online resources literally available at your fingertips, you will most certainly be in the know when it comes to email marketing.

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