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Employee Retention Tips

One thing that you can count on in both work and in life, is that change is constant. One of those changes may be employees heading off for prospects outside your company.

According to a report from CareerBuilder, 30% of workers regularly search for new jobs, with 16% resolving to find new employment during the year. So, what are some things you can do to keep your employees happy in their current positions?

Tip #1: Communicate
Part of rewarding work for many employees is a sense of involvement and belonging. Do your best to keep employees engaged with a clear sense of purpose. Develop a mission statement and goals that are widely shared and can be referenced often. This will offer employees the opportunity to see that the work they do is part of a larger purpose. In addition to sharing your company’s purpose, communicate openly. Make sure the communication works both ways; so that employees feel they are being heard. Be honest and create a culture of trust so employees will feel valued.

Tip #2: Flexibility
The opportunity for work flexibility can be a major benefit for employees. This option can be even more important than the rate of pay or salary they receive. If possible, allow employees to work from home during late evening hours, or come in early in order to have time for personal appointments or family events.

Tip #3: Engagement
Offer employees opportunity for growth and development, whether it’s training outside of your company or taking the time to sit with a co-worker in another department. This exchange can allow employees to see things in a new light and can positively impact their work. Plus, the additional training investment and employee knowledge will help you to develop a workplace with a new energy and vitality.

Tip #4: Exit Interviews
Lastly, be sure that if employees decide to move on from your business, that you take the time to find out why. Schedule exit interviews before they depart to learn more about why they decided to leave. Take this information with a (sometimes large) grain of salt, and it may give you a better insight into the inner workings of your business.

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