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Five Modern Takes on Classic Christmas Card Styles

Christmas is a time for tradition.  Even people with the most progressive of personalities and forward thinking tastes tend to open up to tradition and reminiscence during the yuletide season.  Whether it’s hanging a few heirloom ornaments on an otherwise modern themed Christmas tree, mixing in kitschy childhood decorations with impeccably stylish home décor, listening to old standard Christmas songs by artists that wouldn’t otherwise grace one’s iPod in a million years or even just carrying on traditional family celebrations passed down through the generations; it seems that there is always room, and maybe even some desire, to include a touch of classic Christmas.

That’s why we asked the design team here at 123Print to pick out a few Christmas card designs that are undoubtedly modern in design but yet hint at classic style at the same time.  Here’s what they came up with and why.

Classic Style: Traditional

Design Name: Colors of the Season


Simple and understated with colors that are patently Christmas there’s no way you can’t look at this design and think classic, traditional Christmas yet its design is thoroughly modern at the same time.

Classic Style: Fun

Design Name: Christmas Prance


While this design uses an updated color scheme it utilizes retro and almost kitschy design elements that draw from classic mid-20th Century Christmas décor.

Classic Style: Contemporary

Design Name: Holiday Dots


Yes folks; contemporary having been a recognized style for about 50 years or so now is actually a classic style in and of itself.  A fun and flirty design uses classic Christmas colors and shapes reminiscent of ornaments in a style that’s almost 1960’s mod.

Classic Style: Religious

Design Name: Come Let Us Adore Him


Just because someone wants to keep the reason for the Christmas season in mind doesn’t mean that they have to use Renaissance-era artwork.  This completely modern design makes its message loud and clear through bold use of type.

Classic Style: Whimiscal

Design Name: Jolly Elves


Vintage type and antique-style illustration used in unexpected ways makes this design modern yet decidedly classical in its whimsy all at the same time.

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