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A High-Glam Wedding at a Low Cost

123Print Pinterest Glamorous Wedding BoardIn 2013, our theme for the Third Wednesday Wedding blogs has been about creating your dream wedding on a budget. As you look through the previous blogs, you’ll find ideas to save money on the wedding dress, make cuts to the guest list and even throw a low-cost surprise wedding! We’ve offered lots of ways to cut wedding costs. You may have already read about what makes a glam wedding, but today, we have four tips to glam up your wedding for less.

1) Click Your Heels Together — There’s no place like your glam wedding, and while yes, you could pay beaucoup bucks for a pair of Jimmy Choo wedding shoes, they may not fit in the bridal budget. Why not add your own sparkle? There are a number of DIY blogs and videos that show you how, and it looks really easy! Our suggestion? Take it beyond glitter and add a crystal or two to the top of the heel or the tip of the toe.

Glam Up Wedding Shoes2) Put a Rhinestone on It — And speaking of crystals, while no where close to your engagement diamond’s brilliance, rhinestones do twinkle! Plus, they don’t have to be a big expense. For example, how about adding “I Do” rhinestone letter stickers to the bottom of your wedding shoes? What a fun surprise. Other likely spots to glue on crystals might be your wedding place cards and thank yous. You can even add them to the back of your fingernails. As you stand facing the front of the church, the back of your fingernails will glimmer as they catch the light!

Glitter-Wedding-Nail-Designs3) Nail It — Why not add a little glitz to the front of your fingernails, too? Using metallic or glitter nail polish, opt for either French tips or a half-moon mani to really amp up the glam. If a manicure isn’t in your wedding financial plan, no worries. According to nailnerd.com, all you need to top off your tips is a rubber band! And theglitterguide.com says hole-punch reinforcement stickers will take you over the moon. Who knew the office supply store was the key to great nails?

Glam Wedding Bouquet4) Tie it Up with a Bow — Looking over the 123Print Glamour Wedding Pinterest board, I fell in love with this dazzling brooch bouquet. You can either create your own or bring the brooches to your local craft store or flower shop to see if they can create one for you. Should you decide that it looks fun to do yourself, we recommend purchasing multiple Styrofoam balls, because it’s unlikely you’ll get it just right on your first attempt to arrange your family heirlooms, costume jewelry, pins and trinkets. Also, plan on doing this at least a month before the wedding. You don’t want your knuckles to be scuffed up, or have pin-pricked fingers on your wedding day!

There you have it! Four fun ideas to add more sparkle to your glamorous wedding! Do you have any tips or tricks you’ve tried or seen at other people’s weddings? We’d love to hear about it! Please share your glam wedding ideas below, tweet us, or post something on the 123Print Facebook wall.


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