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Give Thanks – How to Show Your Customers You Are Thankful

Give Thanks – How to Show Your Customers You Are Thankful - The 123Print Blog

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While big box stores have the luxury of extravagant marketing budgets and prime real estate, small businesses rely on the ongoing support and loyalty of their customers. A small business’ customer base drives sales, provides word-of-mouth marketing and brings new customers into the store. Thanking these customers is imperative. Show your customers how thankful you are for their continued support with these thoughtful ideas.

Invite-Only Events
Launching a new product line? Getting the hottest trends in before the holidays? A great way to thank your loyal customer base is hosting an invite-only event to introduce them to the new products with a fun and interactive party! Provide food, drinks and door prizes. An invite-only event will allow you the chance to learn more about your customers while giving your customers a chance to unwind.

Loyalty Cards
A great loyalty program not only drives sales but also encourages and increases repeat business. Create a lucrative and fun loyalty card program to grab a customer’s attention and thank your repeat customers for their ongoing support. Consider instituting a loyalty card program that rewards customers in the short term with discounts on current purchases and ultimately leads to free merchandise or goods. Loyalty programs that result in big discounts for customers are a great way to thank your loyal fan base.

Thank You Notes
A simple yet completely effective way to thank your customers is to send them a custom thank you card.This is a great way to convey your customer’s importance to your continued success. In today’s digitized world, many companies rely on thanks through an impersonal email blasted to an entire email list. Not only is that approach insincere, but many customers delete these notes without a second look. A thank you note in the mail, however, is both personal and sincere. Customers will love the extra thought put into the note.

123Print Thank You Card - Vine of the Times

123Print Thank You Card – “Vine of the Times”

Who doesn’t love a freebie? Just take a cue from cosmetic companies who offer free samples with their purchases! Freebies are a great way to introduce loyal customers to new products and provide a little something extra to the people supporting your business. Reach out to manufacturers and distributors to see if they offer sample products. If not, create your own free samples to hand out with a purchase. This will drive new product sales and your customers will appreciate the gesture.

Branded Products
If free samples aren’t practical for your business, branded products work just as well to provide customers a well-deserved thanks. Shirts, mugs and even bumper stickers make great customer gifts and won’t cost you a fortune. Try to tie the branded product into your business. For instance, a clothing business may consider logo branded polo shirts while a small business offering car services may instead want to provide customers with company key chains. Get creative with your thank you gifts.

Customer appreciation and thanks shouldn’t only be considered around the holidays. Keeping your top customers in mind year round is a sure way to keep them coming back. Whether sending a personalized thank you card or throwing a party, take the time to thank your top clients.

What are some other meaningful ways companies can thank their customers? Let us know in the comments below, on our Facebook page, or tweeting @123Print.

About the Author: Ken Myers is a father, husband, and entrepreneur. He has combined his passion for helping families find in-home care with his experience to build a business. Learn more about him by visiting @KenneyMyers on Twitter.

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