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How To Run A Killer Facebook Promotion

123Print Facebook PromotionBy making a few tweaks to your Facebook promotions, you can transform your campaigns into viral sensations! Maximize the impact of your next Facebook campaign by following these 10 simple strategies.

1. Try a Sponsored Story or Facebook Ad. If you have the budget, sponsored stories and ads can be quite effective at driving Facebook traffic to your campaign. These ads can be very specifically targeted, which is a huge benefit as well. Sometimes even a small amount paid to Facebook to “boost” your campaign can make a big difference.

2. Update your status with links referencing your campaign. People won’t come to your campaign unless they know about it! Remind and encourage people to check out your campaign. Share milestones, such as X number of votes or X number of entries. Make sure you don’t overshare though. Try sending out posts at different times of the day and make sure you are changing your wording – not just repeating the same line over and over.

123Print Pin or Highlight Facebook Post3. “Pin” and “highlight” your posts. We’re not talking Pinterest here – did you know Facebook gives you the ability to “pin” and/or “highlight” a post? Note you can either do one or the other, not both. “Pinning” will keep your post at the top of the page, no matter how many updates follow. “Highlighting” will enable your post to take up the entire width of your timeline.

4. Co-brand your campaign. Work together with another relevant brand to run your campaign. This cross-promotion tactic will do wonders for your fan base!

5. Upload a new cover photo and/or profile image to match your campaign. Per Facebook’s requirements, cover photos should not contain overt calls to action. But you can tie in some visual elements from your campaign into the photo.

6. Pay attention to your campaign’s tile. Facebook tiles refer to those four little boxes underneath the cover photo. If you are using an app to run your campaign, make your campaign the second tile (by default, photos are the first). Did you know that many apps allow you to change the tile’s name and icon? Use this for your benefit! Just remember, the icon for the tile must be 111 x 74 pixels, no bigger or smaller.

123Print Enter to Win7. Get local or industry press about your campaign. It doesn’t hurt to reach out and ask! Especially if you are working with another organization or charity, some online or print publications will give you free publicity. Don’t forget to let them know why your campaign is unique and relevant to their audience.

8. Post your campaign to sweepstakes sites. If you’re giving away a relevant prize, posting your campaign to sweepstakes sites is a great way to find prize seekers. Be careful with this one though, just test out one or two to start.

9. Send email blasts. If you have a large subscriber base, sending out an email blast will be hugely beneficial to your campaign! Remember that email subscribers are invested in your brand and may even share your promotion with their friends.

10. Promote the campaign on your website, blog and other social sites. Cross-promotion is key! Especially if you are able to advertise on your site. Just like with email, your fans across all channels are engaged with your brand and will want to get involved.

How did you last Facebook promotion go? Which of these strategies do you find most beneficial? Let us know by leaving a comment below, dropping us a message on Facebook, or tweeting @123Print.

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