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Infographic: Small Business Owner’s Holiday Cheat Sheet

Earlier we gave you what we thought were some great ideas for what to give your employees this holiday season. We definitely tried to keep in mind the economy and how tight the holidays could potentially be this year. Now, there’s no deny that the holiday season is completely underway. There’s only 19 days until Christmas Day and in the next week or two more and more employees are going to start using up those sick days and vacation days in fear that they will lose them once 2012 rolls around.  Right now, it’s a “make or break” time of year for not only your small business, but all small businesses.

With all the speculation about this upcoming holiday season, it can be hard for a small business to know what to expect. So what does a small business owner really need to know about the season? Intuit maps out the 2011 holiday season forecast and compares it to years past. Check it out!

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