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A “Younique” Couple Wins the 123Print Younique Wedding Sweepstakes

123Print Younique Sweepstakes Winners Clean Up

The 123Print Younique Sweepstakes winners clean up nicely!

The old saying, “Grandma knows best” is very true. An avid fan of sweepstakes, Danielle Haflich’s grandmother, Kathy, told her about the 123Print Younique Wedding Sweepstakes. Because weddings can be expensive and anything that could help stretch the wedding budget sounded like a good idea to Danielle and her mom, Jody, she submitted her and her fiancé’s names via Facebook. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. You need to know the dirty little secret about this love story …

Danielle Haflich and Curtis Franks met thanks to Curtis’ cousin, Dillon. He took Danielle on a rescue mission to help a four-wheeling friend free his truck from the mountain mud. Curtis was there to help, too. After meeting, talking and getting more than a little dirty as they helped pull the truck from the mire, Curtis kept the conversation going by messaging her later that night. Then they started “hanging out” and finally they were dating. It turns out that dating wasn’t all that much different than how they met, since they both love to go “mudding” and trail riding in their lifted mud trucks. Perhaps that’s why George Straight’s, “I Got a Car” rings true for them. As long as they have each other and wheels to take them on their journey, the possibilities are endless.

After more than five years of dating, and everyone wondering when on earth they’d get engaged, it finally happened. This past February, Curtis took Danielle back to Hardwood Mountain where they’d originally met. This time the trail was closed because of snow and it was late at night, so it was a little more than odd when Curtis decided to get out of the truck and then disappeared for a few long minutes. Partly because he’d left her alone on a dark, winter mountain ridge, and partly because it’s a game they often play with each other, Danielle locked the doors. When Curtis came back and wanted her to join him in the sub-freezing weather, Danielle just laughed at him through the window. Eventually he coaxed her out and got down on one knee, held up the ring and proposed. Of course she said, YES!

Jeans Watch Pocket

No, a wedding ring box doesn’t fit in this little pocket.

And just what had taken Curtis so long before he popped the question on the frozen mountainside? He was trying to get the ring box out of the tiny “watch” pocket on the right-hand side of his jeans. How he got it in there, who knows. Luckily, he eventually got it out and it didn’t go flying into a snowdrift!

Winter engagement aside, Danielle and Curtis have set June 11, 2016 as their wedding date. That way they can have gorgeous fall engagement photos and plenty of time to plan the perfect summer wedding — including designed-just-for-them wedding invitations from 123Print! With plans for a rustic, country wedding at a barn in Vermont, the possibilities for their save the dates, invites and thank yous are endless. As are our hopes for their happy future!

We wish the best to all the couples who entered our 2015 Younique Sweepstakes! While we could only choose one couple to win the professional design services and wedding products, those who didn’t win, will be receiving an email in their inbox with a great deal on custom wedding invitations. After all, everyone can use some help cutting down on wedding costs!

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