How To Effectively Brainstorm Social Media Strategy

Forbes contributor Steven Olenski said it best – it's not always pretty when small businesses set out to create social media strategies. Many companies with only a handful of employees are taking shots in the dark, and hoping that something gives. This method might work for some, but for many it's draining. 

Boost the brain juice
To offer a solution to the problem, Olenski came up with a number of ways that small businesses can hone social media strategies, whether it's to get more likes, shares, clients or return on investment. He explained that it's important to brainstorm so that your content doesn't fall flat.

It can be easy to fall into a trap of churning out informative topics. But do they resonate? If you're not sure, then it's time to put your head in the game to come up with some unique and quirky ideas that are all your own.

Of course, it's easier said then done. Luckily, you can fine tune your brainstorming. Inc. Magazine offered up a list of helpful hints. If you find you come to a fork in your brainstorming road, ask yourself a few questions to iron out any wrinkle.

  • Are you afraid of the idea?
  • Will the proposal make your day more daunting?
  • Do you personally like the idea?
  • Does it align with your company's culture and purpose?

Praise creativity
These are important considerations because fear tends to block the road to creative thinking, explained Inc. Find out what's standing in your way and start there. Collaborating with your teammates should be a fun and effective way to get the juices flowing. 

Then, all that's left to do is make your vision come to life. If someone came up with a brilliant idea and executed it nicely, a little praise could go a long way. Inc. advised extolling colleagues for innovation because happy employees equals higher productivity. It can be the start of a beautiful cycle. 

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