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Business Women Have Come A Long Way [Infographic] UPDATE

Business Women Infographic Teaser

Last June, we gave you our “Business Women Have Come A Long Way” Infographic, displaying some impressive stats on they ways in which women drive the economy. Some new research has been published as of late, further showing how the success of Female-Owned SMBs (small and medium businesses) has surged.

According to the 2013 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report, the “number of women-owned firms is growing at 1.5 times the national average.” As of 2012, 8.3 million companies were listed as being owned by women—a 37% increase from 1997. Talk about Girl Power.

Women have also played a crucial part in the U.S. economic recovery. According to Bank Credit News, these same women-owned firms have created 175,000 jobs since 2007. Are you a female entrepreneur living in Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, Mississippi or Texas? If so, you have attributed to the states which have had the sharpest growth of female-owned SMBs.

In case you missed it OR are feeling a strong sense of female empowerment lately, here it is again! Our “Business Women Have Come A Long Way” Infographic!

123Print Business Women Have Come A Long Way Infographic


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