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Networking Business Cards: You’ve Got the Power!

123Print_IveGotThePowerHave you ever heard the song “The Power” by Snap? You haven’t? Yes you have. “I’ve got the power!” Still no? Remember that scene from Bruce Almighty where he discovers he can walk on water? Got it now? “I’ve got the power!”

This mentality of “I’ve got the power” is something every job seeker should keep front of mind. What gives you that power? Networking. Networking, along with the value of a strong and flawless resume, will give you the power to find a job. Use every opportunity you can to strengthen your network of contacts. But what should you do in situations where handing out your resume isn’t practical? That’s easy. Use networking business cards.

Think of networking cards as the Batman of business cards. They have the look and feel of business cards, but are really networking tools in disguise. Like business cards, they allow you to present your name and contact info in a professional manner. What sets them apart is their non-specificity. If you’re a college student, you probably don’t have traditional business cards because you’re not quite sure of what kind of business you’ll end up in. If you’re changing careers, you won’t want to use your current business cards. Instead, you should harness the power of networking cards, which allow you to present that critical career information.

Some key takeaways and tips:

Keep the design of your business card clean and simple

Keep the design of your business card clean and simple

  • Instead of listing a company or job title, networking cards present your career focus or unique selling point
  • Include all your applicable contact info (name, phone number, email)
  • If you have a personal website or a portfolio, make sure to include that as well
  • Displaying your Linkedin profile web address is a great way to point people toward additional accomplishments
  • Online printing services are a fast, affordable way to create and order your business cards. At 123Print, you can upload your own image or chose from one of our many customizable designs!
  • Keep the design of your networking card clean and simple, use normal fonts, and stay with traditional colors
    • An exception to this rule of thumb would be if you are in a creative industry! You may want to utilize a more creative design that shows you’re not afraid to color outside the lines (like this one) – while still maintaining that feeling of professionalism, of course 🙂
  • In the practice of keeping your networking cards crisp and clean, purchase a business card holder! Remember that feeling of power you harness in a single card – if your card is dirty and poorly kept, you don’t want that to reflect on you.
  • Consider putting some of your resume highlights on the back of your card. These are your key qualifications or a list of your proudest accomplishments. Remember to focus on what you have achieved, not what you have been. (i.e. job titles and duties)

Networking business cards shouldn’t completely replace your resume. Rather, they should be used in situations where a resume is not practical. Networking cards are a great self-marketing tool. Always keep a stash on you; you never know when you will meet someone who can help you in your job search!

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