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Top 10 Productivity Hacks

Spring brings extended daylight hours and the opportunity for time outdoors. Do you want to be working late on these nice days? No? Then you’ll need to stay organized and productive to get your work done.Top10

With that in mind, check out our top 10 productivity tips and start to incorporate them into your routine to maximize your work and personal time.

Hack #1 – As simple as it sounds, keep a to-do list. Whether it’s on an index card, spreadsheet or list on your phone, a written list is essential to staying organized and on-task.

Hack #2 – Make use of down time. While you exercise, walk the dog, commute to work, or have a cup of coffee, use this time for brainstorming ideas or thinking through problem issues. Empty your mind of distractions to allow your mind to focus on the item at hand.

Hack #3 – Use email as your means of communication. It’s a great way to screen the items that are most important, plus you don’t have to answer every email you get. An additional benefit is that you can choose when and where you want to access it.

 Hack #4 – When you’re in that email account, make sure to touch that email only once. Reply or delete and you’ll keep that email box current. The same thing applies to paper mail.

Hack #5 – It’s okay to say “No.” You have my permission. It goes without saying, but too many commitments can get in the way of accomplishing what’s important.

 Hack #6 – Use that spare time. You look at the clock and think, “I’ve got 20 minutes until that next meeting. I can’t start that project now.” Actually you can. Jot down the main points in an outline. This will help jumpstart your thoughts when you go back to it. And, it may help you think of additional ideas when you come back to it.

Hack #7 – Stay out of “It.” Steer clear of office politics, toxic people and distractions that keep you from accomplishing things. While this is possibly easier said than done; with mindful attention this hack can be achieved.

Hack #8 – Have 30-minute meetings. Fast track those time-sucking meetings into a 30-minute, get-down-to-business gathering. Your co-workers will thank you. Better yet, have that meeting standing up as a way to keep folks from getting too comfortable.

Hack #9 – Take care of yourself: Get enough sleep. Drink water. Eat breakfast. Have a positive outlook. Do all those things that mom said would keep you healthy.

Hack #10 – Give yourself a break. Not everything you do will go perfectly or stay exactly on track. That’s okay; at least it’s getting done. Do your best with the time and effort you can give to accomplish those things on that to-do list.

Hopefully this helps you get more accomplished every day so you can make the most of the longer daylight hours. Co-workers and friends will soon be asking what your secret is to staying so organized and productive!

Do you have ideas that have helped you to be more productive? Let us know if one or more of these suggestions makes a difference in your work and personal life. Please share your comments below, add a comment to our Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn walls or send us a tweet.

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