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12 Uses for Labels in the Office

12 Uses for Labels in the Office

I love labels. I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again. (Not to be confused with “I love lamp.”) In 2012, we gave you five creative ways to keep address labels as one of your “go-to” products. In 2013, we gave you four tips on how to save time and energy and make your life easier with address labels and later, 19 unique and creative uses for labels during the Holidays. What else do we have up our sleeve?!

Now that you’ve learned about innovative ways to use labels in your everyday life and at home, we give you 12 imaginative ways to use labels at work!

  • Use them to label your files
  • Use them to label your White Elephant exchange gift
  • Use them to label your coffee mug
  • Use them to label your water cup
  • Use them as a name tag for a networking event, company event, etc.
  • Use them to label your monitors, keyboard, mouse, stapler, etc. in the event of an office move
  • Use them to label your books or research
  • Use them to label your sandwich in the lunchroom
  • Use them to label your food dishes during an employee potluck
  • Use them to describe your food during an employee potluck (think, “spicy” or “contains peanuts”)
  • Use them to identify all the cords in your power strip
  • Use them to differentiate your key ring (front door, back door, supply closet, etc.)

Are we spreading our label-happiness onto you yet? What other imaginative ways have you used labels in your office? Let us know in the comments below, or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.


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