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5 Things Movers Won’t Tell You

5 Things Movers Won't Tell YouSo you’ve decided it’s time to move. Maybe you’re headed to a new office space. Perhaps you’re relocating your family because of that great new job. Well, moving is a task that usually requires professional assistance. You can save yourself from hours of back-breaking work by going with a moving company. As if the whole process isn’t stressful enough, it’s important to know that there are a few things your selected company won’t tell you. By following this guide, you’ll be able to spot the scammers from the pros, and make your move go more smoothly.

Virtual Estimates

Your moving company may try to talk to you or e-mail you about a sheet to count all of your items. Avoid this method at all costs, and get a professional estimator to come to your home. They can get a real, accurate look at your stuff. They may be able to offer moving advice, as well as discussing what method would be the best bang for you buck (measuring cubic feet, paying hourly, or paying by the job.) Having an estimator in the home is the easiest way to avoid being ripped off.

Having Multiple Estimators Look

When you’re spending this much money, you should definitely be checking out multiple moving companies. Not only could you find the lowest price, but you could potentially use your lowest figure to strike a deal with a company that really wants your business. Most moving companies are trying to get as much business as they can during the summer – their busiest time. Work your magic during those months!

Hidden Fees

You may think your home is an uncomplicated moving zone, but your company may think otherwise. Unless you read your terms carefully and double check with your company, you could get stuck with extra fees for odd objects, stairs, ceiling height, etc. Don’t forget about packing supplies, either. Some companies have been known to gouge customers for basic products you could have bought yourself.


Sure, it’s easy for the mover to tell you all of your valuables will be fine. That is, until something is accidentally dropped. Movers’ liability is usually about 60 cents per pound. So, that 3-pound camera you spent 1,000 bucks on? You’ll only be reimbursed a few dollars. Make sure to check on your homeowners insurance to see what you’re covered for, or a bad moving job could turn into an extremely costly event.


As any respectable worker knows, it’s never appropriate to ask for a tip. You might even notice in your terms and conditions that tips are mentioned. You can make things less awkward at the end by giving the proper tip (yes, even if you paid a fortune.) Moving is a very hard task, and the typical tip is $20 per mover. You can raise or lower your tip depending on how hard they worked, time spent working, etc. Also, it’s a must to offer your food! Otherwise, they will drop everything and get their own food (and that statement can be taken literally.) Be sure to check with your workers before ordering or making food. A lot of movers get offered similar meals, so there’s a chance they could politely decline, but the chances are they will not.

Follow these tips, and you’ll be on your way to a smooth move. Remember to go with a company you have a good feeling about. Anybody who tries to avoid a clear, written agreement is a waste of time.

Jennifer Thomas is a freelance writer who moves frequently. Jennifer relies on J&L Moving Supplies for all of her moving supplies needs! Hopefully you found this guide helpful.

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    A warning note. It a must read article for first-timer people. There are moving company that do not what they have promised. So, people, you must be careful in choosing the best one.

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