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Goal Setting – Set your road map for a successful 2015

SettingGoalsToday’s 123Print blog shares information on an important small business concept — goal setting. One of the most critical tasks for the new year is to set goals for the coming year.

Just a thought — do you set out for a trip (whether it’s for a vacation or just a short jaunt to run errands) with no particular destination in mind? If you’re like most people, the answer is no.

It’s the same for planning your business goals. If you don’t plan with the end in mind, you won’t have the road map to achieve your yearly objectives. This is a critical step to keeping your business on track and staying focused throughout the year.

Decide what you want to accomplish in 2015. Jot down your hopes, dreams and expectations for the new year. Then go back and take a serious look at what you (1) know can be accomplished and (2) what your true desire is for your small business. Why did you start this business in the first place? Where do you think it can take you? Where do you want to be by 2016 (or even further down the road, in 2020)?

Don’t forget to use the time-tested SMART goal system of making the goals Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. By making your goal compatible with these targets, you’ll have a reliable plan and clear intentions to guide you on your journey to completing the goal.

Two important points.
First, you don’t need to go it alone. Delegate some of the critical tasks to your team, if possible. Get their assistance to help track the goal or smaller parts of the goal. Create deadlines or milestones to keep the goal advancing to completion.

Second — an important question. Is tweaking your goal allowed along the way? Absolutely! When you see a possibility that will help you make bigger strides toward reaching that goal, go for it. Or, if you want to refine the definition of your goal, that’s fine too. After all, it’s your goal; make it relevant to achieving your business and personal success.

Tracking progress.
Revisit your goals every month or two months to be sure that you’re on track. As businesses evolve over the course of a year, so your goals can evolve as well. Perhaps you will see a need to scale back or ramp up the objective. Again, it’s your dream or goal – fit it to what makes sense for you.

Keep moving forward each time you’ve reviewed your goals. Celebrate your small wins during the year by tracking the progress. Recognize that change and progress can be difficult, but necessary to moving forward with your business plan.

Year-end exams.
At the end of the year, take a look back at how you started and what was accomplished. Did you meet, exceed or fail at the goals you had set? Pay attention to how you met the goal or why you didn’t meet the goal. What worked? Was the goal too lofty? Was your road map not clear?  This will be helpful information as you work up objectives for the next year.

The victory of success is half won when one gains the habit of setting and achieving goals. ~ Og Mandino

The important thing is to set at least three intentional goals for the new year. Without a road map for your small business success, where will you arrive by the end of the year?

What interesting small business news have you seen lately? Have we missed something that you’d like to have discussed? Let us know!

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